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May 28, 2007


Dawn Alice Rogers

well, i can't resist this opportunity not only to enter for winning some wonderful scraps, but also to tell you i love your work! i love scraps and i use them for either artdoll clothes or adding patches to my own kids clothes. or for accents on a stuffed animal like inside an elephant's ear...or...
anyway, i love your stuff, it's very inspiring to see your creativity. thanks for sharing.
p.s. wow, i get to be first to comment?! that's never happened to me before!


Well, I'd love free fabric anyday so I'm crossing my fingers! We use our scraps for scrappy flip flops, pincushions, to line old boxes like the one I shared on my blog for Mothers Day(made an old seed box look so cool and quaint),patchwork totes, and recently I've been making up little baggies of scraps of something I just made for someone and tell them here's extra for making a scrappy bow or flip flops, etc, etc....now I need to go spring clean!!! I got one closet done so that counts huh? LOL!


I would love to be in your drawing! I use tiny pieces to make covered button refridgerator magnets or to make paper doll clothes for the little girl I babysit for.


I was thinking of making some fabric picnic napkins. I've also made some drawstring bags for my daughter's birthday party favors.

janet clare

Just had to leave a comment - always enjoy your blog! Can't imagine what a spotlessly clean house with no laundry to do looks like! For your scraps, check out manda at treefall designs lampshade (from a while ago).


Oh, I'd love it if you'd add my name! As for the scraps, you could make a scrap tote or scrap bag; scrappy placemats or table runner; yo-yo's are always ideal for scraps; or what about some scrappy patchwork pillows??


I have a hard time getting rid of scraps. I use them for little purses/zippered pouches/sachets/bags of all sizes/pin cushions. I like using strips of cloth as ribbons for tying presents. Crazy patch uses all kinds of little pieces as well.


Ummm...yeah. ENTER ME in this fab contest!

I would love to be a winner!!

For EVERY good scrap idea, do you get another entry? Hmmmm???

Well-here is one that I am planning as Christmas presents for my childings this Christmas. Make a ton of yo-yo's and then, make them into a clown.

Or a giraffe! (My favorite animal...)

If every idea gets an entry...I WILL be back with more ideas! :.)
That is my idea-I sure would love your handoffs!


I love making pincushions with scrap fabric (either for myself, inside swap packages, or for friends). Other good uses - embelishments (on shirts, bags, etc.), making flower pins (http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=24944.0), or fabric beads.

Michelle Pulley

Hi,I,ve never done this before, but I would love a chance at some fabric! I've been making fabric covered button hairbows & yoyos with my scraps lately and also pincushions!

Michelle Pulley

I just sent a comment and didn't check my spelling first - like I said this is my first go at this - and my email address was wrong - sorry - maybe I'll get it right this time!


I have so many scraps...I need some good ideas, too! And I would love to win a little fabric stash from you!

Miss Sassy

Wow - clean house. I envy you. How about making some sachets out of the leftover fabric?


Like I need more scraps. If I add your fabulous scraps to my scraps, I will come up with the best scrap quilt ever. By the way, your little girl outfits are fabulous. My little girls aren't little enough for them any more!

kristen ~ gock's frocks

oh, can I enter Sandi!
I am a self procalimed fabric junkie and can not get rid of my scraps either ! I really want to make a yo-yo garland so you could do that or cover a bunch of buttons and use them on various sets, or cover a pillow in yo-yo's, make a yo-yo rug, decoupage the scarps on a wooden tray, a wooden E for eliza...make some wee wonderfuls...


OOhh how I love fabric scraps and I would love to get yours! Well lets see, you could use scraps for decoupage projects, pin cousions, bias tape hair bows, coasters, barbie clothes, napkin rings, fabric flowers, cup camera ipod cozies, ruffles for socks, head bands, fabric post cards/cards, key fobs, fabric birthday/holiday banners, hair scrunchies, applique earrings, fabric covered light covers, patchwork lampshades, fancy fabric covered pens, patches and I really could go on but I'll stop right here! Congrat's on your clean house.


Being a scrapbooker, I use scraps of fabric for die cut flowers, and also to tie onto the spine of a mini album or the top of a journaling tag :D
A clean house sounds so lovely!

Mama Urchin

Depending on the size I use scraps to make hair flowers for my daughter or a little bit of decoration on any project. The really teeny-tiny scraps can be used for stuffing a softie.


Who can resist a fabric giveaway? Not me! I love using scraps for small appliques on T-shirts, tea towels and such. I have also always wanted to make a crazy quilt with scraps.


I find cleaning so liberating. I tried to explain this to Joshua, as I made him clean out the piles of trash from beneath his bed and in his closet. He didn't get it. Silly boy!

Scraps .... hmmmm... fabric flowers? Decoupage elements? Confetti for gift bags?

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