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June 09, 2007



The interview was great! Makes me really miss ya!

Love the green bowls. that limey green is one of my FAVORITE colors!


Fantastic interview Sandi! Thanks for giving me the inspiration to not give up on my own dreams. Love that color green too on the apple bowls! What a find. Can't wait to see the greens in your fabric colorway fresh :)


Yay.....i'm so happy for you, Sandi!! Love the colors you've shown us so far....can't wait to see more!


Can't wait to hear the interview! I actually subscribe to Boutique Cafe through iTunes, so I should already have the new one.


scrumptious pic!! You do have a great eye, making the wait for your fabric a bit harder... lol!


Great interview! I've always admired your eye for design. I can't wait to see your creations using your very own fabrics! Oh, the suspense!


I'm aching to listen, I just sunced it and now my iPod is charging!!!

LOVE the bowls Sandi!!



I too have a soft spot for vintage. I just grew up like that cause my mom loved it too! Lucky me. I have some really great stuff and some awesome family heirlooms. (I wonder if my siblings will get upset if they knew how much stuff my mom has given me. I just really love it and I think she likes me to have it because I use it. It's pretty, but I think you should use things and not just have them take up space.)


Oh ya- can't wait to hear the pod cast!!!! You're awesome!


Oh Sweet Sandi....I just LOVED the interview! it was soooo neat to hear all of the excitment in your voice!:)

I couldn't be happier for you and this new venture that you have taken on with such grace and style!!!!!

As I have said before....your truly an inspiration for all!

I am filled with anticipation to see your beautiful fabric and patterns in the fall!

I will certainly line up with everyone else for a new custom creation for Felicity!

Big Hugs & Smiles Michelle

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