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August 28, 2007



Sandi, it looks fabulous! And I love that you got such a great deal on everything. Guess I should be checking the thrift stores for a bed for Miss L instead of going the Ikea route!

Mama Urchin

It looks great!


Totally gorgeous! Sandi!

Lemon Tree Tales

Beautiful turquoise color! Of course now you're being a tease .. I can't wait to see what the rest of the bedroom set looks like now. :-)


sheree schattenmann

Oh, that color is so perfect! You did an amazing job--I can't wait to see it all together, with the bed, dressed up with the quilt from your fabric on your new website. Girl, you have alot going on and doing it all so well. :)


Tanya Whelan

Love it Sandi! Beautiful color, can't wait to see the quilt.


I love it! It really turned out spectacular. :)


Lovely color. Great idea about the refinish!


Oh my...that is GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for sharing that. I plan to re-do our bedroom in the same manner, by finding old furniture here and there and refinishing it. You've helped inspire me! :-) Helena


Turquoise again!! Yayy I LOVE it! Can't wait to see the rest. :o)


Sandi, This is the perfect color - I love it! I can't wait to see what you do with "the fabric" to bring it all together! Do you have a booth at market??


Sandi it looks amazing! Way to go, girl. It looks beautiful, and for only $65! Sure beats anything you could purchase "ready made" but isn't that true for just about anything?

danni perez

ohh Sandi, so gorgeous girlie! and i love the little pears on it.
p.s. are you still heading this way in October? hope the weather is nice for ya.


i LOVE this....i'd fight you for him if he were a man & we were both single!! ;)

now, i'm ready to start my first project like this and i'm going to try your method!
i have a couple more questions though. the 1/1/1 mixture is with the brown paint??

and where did the lime greenish tones come from??

thanks so much for sharing!! =)

Sandi Henderson

Ah good questions Love. :)

OK, I painted the whole thing the turqoise color and painted the greenish color on in patches. It wasn't coming on streaky as I wanted and took forever to sand down-that's when I figured out the 1-1-1 combo.

I used 1 part brown paint, 1 part water, and 1 part crackle medium. Brush it on and let it dry slightly then rub parts off!



WoW Sandi! That is sooo cool:) I just bought an antique dresser at a yard sale for my bedroom for $50, but it's so pretty the way it is that I'm afraid to paint it. After seeing this, maybe I will!



Yay! I can leave a comment!!!

That is so scrumdiddlyumptious! Make that a three way catfight, LOL~

Thanks for the how to tip as well Sandi, I'm anxious to try it on my next project.


stunning color! And I have to say the comment that you love it and that if it was a man your husband would have competition. Great line!!! I think we all feel like that about something. And thiat peice deserves the love! lol


Ooo, I love how that turned out Sandi!
I wrote it down and may try it with my fabric cabinet.
Great job!

the wicked stepmother

I Love the color!! Please share what the name of it is..please..

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