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August 17, 2007



Oh that's gorgeous! Can't wait to see the dresses. Have fun!

Mama Urchin

What a great find. And don't get me started about our cultures de-valuation of handmade.


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I'm soooo jealous!! That is such a sweet quilt. :o) I love quilts, especially vintage quilts, and I never get to go "treasure" hunting anymore darn it! Wayyy too hard with the twins and my "whirling dervish" of a son.
OK so if you go back and they're still there, I will seriously buy one from you...seriously!
Btw, picks of the dresses??? :o)


teehee. So I missed the last sentence that said you'd share picks on Monday. Sheesh! I was still in "quilt shock" I guess. :oP


that quilt is tdf cute!!! What a find. And yes, hopefully that person regrrets their mean-ness and goes back to buy the quilt back he-he


I'm glad you gave that quilt a new home!

Kim (OliveJuice)

Get yourself back over to goodwill ASAP, quickly put both previously passed-up lovelies into your cart, keep one for yourself (one can NEVER have too many quilts, for heaven's sake!!), and send the other to your coolest utah friend (ahem, that would be me. *hehe*) KNOWING that she LOOOVES fabulous thrifted finds more than...well, more than just about anything. :D
Can't wait to see the dress photos!!
Have a lovely weekend~


I'm jealous!


That is beautiful....there are quite a few times when I find something at the thrift store that I too wonder the story behind it and who made it and who had no desire to hold on to it. :( Sounds like a fun weekend, can't wait to see the dresses. :)


Hmm..you didn't tell me that there were tw other quilts left there! Competition? I'm totally going to Good Will after the yard sale tomorrow...race ya! Oh, & "Auntie Muriel"? I love it!!!


OMGosh you're kidding me?!!?! What a steal, that quilt is darling and you're so right....turning in a grave! What work went into that is surely worth $100.00 or more!



Oh you are a better gal than me...I would have snatched up all three and not looked back! Hope the wedding was lovely!


The quilt is beautiful! I love to "rescue" things, too! And I'm probably like some of the others: I would have snatched up the other ones, too.


Ok I too am jealous! What is wrong with my goodwill? I find yucky quilts and they want $10.00!!! Your find is absolutely gorgeous.

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