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August 11, 2007



me too! I am so loving this color! (LOVE the candle sticks & shabby holder, sweet!) I think because the color looks so good on Lana perhaps....hmmm can I paint? I've sewn everything I can think of!


Love the paint treatment! It really makes a world of difference in your before and after. I love distressed-painted-aged things. They just look so much more loved and lived in/with.


Turquoise is my favorite color in the whole wide world! I love what you did with the box. I'm too impatient to distress, but I do love spraypaint!




Love love LOVE this! I would never have thought of turquoise(one of my faves) on this holder. In fact, I probably would have never picked out that holder in the 1st place. You've given me a whole new world of ideas! Oh and I love the red holder too. :o)


it never ceases to amaze me what JUST PAINT can do!!!


Sandi, I love that turquoise color!! It is just so bright and cheery. Now, how could you NOT want to pay your bills (or rifle through them at least) if they're sitting in there??


Yummy!!! I'm loving the turqoise with lime green and brown right now. Not to sound like a total painting novice but, is there a special paint you have to use??? As I wonder around the house looking for things to paint!

Sandi Henderson


That's a great question. This is just ordinary old craft paint from a $1.50 bottle. You may want to buy a spray on sealer, but so far I haven't done that to this project yet.



Sandi the holder looks like it was a set with the candlesticks. love love it! I too love turquoise. You did wonderful with that re do over!


could you share the paint color brand/nam with me please...it would be perfect for a project I waana do...



Beautiful photos, Sandi -- wow!


I keep forgetting to put in my URL, it's me, this Heather :)


I keep forgetting to put in my URL, it's me, this Heather :)

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