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August 08, 2007



Ohhh, I'm in love! Adorable! I wanna come over and sew! Wish I lived closer! Laurie xx


Sandi Henderson: clothing designer, fabric artist and slayer of the evil box elder. LOL! Glad you got something to help with the problem.

The new holder looks fab in red!


That's very cute, but not at all what I think of when I hear who-ha holder. Here in BC a hoo-ha is a part of the famale anatomy. A part that doesn't need a holder and certainly not a part most of us are showing off on our blogs ;-)


So cute! I want to come sew. How fun!


Pam?? who woulda thought it!! heheh you have me rolling with giggles at the thought of you spraying your deck with Pam!! You should send that story to the makers of Pam...heheh I bet they'd love to know how multi useful their spray is...

sorry for all the teasing.... I would have done it too if it got rid of those little buggers.

Your red shelf is just gorgeous... and I'll be over in 5 to help you use all those fabulous trims!

Tanya Whelan

Completely and totally gorgeous! I think it helps to make your organizing stuff pretty, helps you stay motivated to keep it that way...not that I do it


Pam, Eh? Who would've thought?

And I love your holder - must find something like this in my thrifting adventures!

And sewing? I'll come over anytime!


What a yummy holder! Love the color too!

Mama Urchin

I'd love to come over and sew!


The Who-Ha holder is gorgeous and I love the red, I actually can't even picture it any other color, it was born to be red. I am glad the bugs are gone but PAM, I am leery now of using it to get my cakes out of the pan. :)

It would be an honor to come over and sew, let me go tell hubby we need to move.


Cute! And yippee! Lol!

I used to collect little wooden spice racks like that from the thrift shop and re-paint them. I would gift them to people because everyone found "the perfect spot" for it and the various treasures it would hold. Funny enough, I don't have one of my own! Lol.

Love the red!! Of course! Lol!



oo Sandi LUV that! Giggling at you with your Pam :)


me! me! I want to come over and sew and I loooove your new holder - very cute! I am fond of red too!


That is wonderful news!!!


Oh!! I wanna come sew!!!!


Oh!! I wanna come sew!!!!


Wow, "who-ha" eh? Totally had a different image in mind for that one my dear. This is definitely a new meaning for the term "who-ha" in my book. hee hee

Jessica proboh@sbcglobal.net

It came out beautiful! What a clever idea. Glad to here Pam is working out for you versus... bug spray? :-)


Okay, I'll be over at 7! I always love when I discover something new and really helpful to someone. We just bought a new house in June and I'm going to try my hands at gardening next year. This is going to be a real challenge for me because I dislike ALL bugs(okay, except ladybugs). Will there be any green in your new sewing room?



SO SO SO awesomely hot! I love the shelf! Love it...

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