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August 22, 2007



Sandi you forgot the pumpkins! Gotta have pumpkins and those little tiny ones too - they are great for Fall decorating. My birthday is on Halloween - so everyone should have pumpkins:) - have a great week!


oooo Sandi!! Your veggies look so yummy!!!

We are moving into our first house next month and I'm already dreaming about the lush garden we will have next year. Hopefully it will be the working kind!! I grew up with home grown so I don't think I'll have many doubts about eating it :D yummy yummy!!

PresentPast Collection

These veggies look delish! I think you should try some herbs next year to season all your new found garden success!
Beautiful photos too, by the way!


I am defenately a eat-what-you-grow-gardener. I would add herbs, but what else you could/should add depends on what your diet is and the space you have. We are lucky to have an acre sized garden/orchard and grow more than we need of everything. Hmmm...if you count the laying hens (all 24 of them) and the lamb/sheep we are pretty self sufficient for food, if we wanted to be. We share/sell though. Anyhoo...

Eatting from your own hard work is always rewarding! Enjoy!

If you have room and think you will live there a long time plant some fruit trees! Great for shade, and keeps the bees around to pollenate the other stuff too!!


Tanya Whelan

I didn't even read the post, just so blown away by your photography, again!! Beautiful...


We have 5 rows of beans left to mulch and our garden will be 'up to snuff'. for the first time, this year we tried wood chips as our mulch. we'll see what it does to the acidity of the soil next year. this year we did crook neck yellow squash-4 plants, all kinds of tomatoes-downsized to only 14 plants in all, 4 rows of okra, 5 rows of corn, 6 cantaloupe plants, 1 row of yellow onions, 1 row of red onions, and only 6 pepper plants. I took pics last week but haven't done a post on it yet. maybe today. :) (inspired by yours) :) we also have 2 calves, 5 horses, 3 hens with 1 rooster, 2 kittens, 1 cat, and 1 beagle. honestly way too many critters for my liking but my kids love them. as for a suggestion for what to try next year, you might try the okra. it produces quickly! and if you don't care for it, there's always someone around to give it to. I have been looking/trying different recipes this year and my family has loved it fried in batter, fried with bacon and baked with french fries. just think, if you get so good at the gardening thing, you could take it and sell at the farmer's market. my best friends here took their corn and got $5/dozen. five bucks a dozen, can you imagine??? That's why we planted late corn and we should have our crop ready for sale in early October. i'll try and get a post on our garden sometime today. thanks for he inspiration. Have a great weekend.

Kim McBirnie

Hi Sandi, congrats on your veggie haul and welcome to the world of mucky finger nails! I'm in the UK so you can probably grow more then over here (warmer weather) but I grow celeriac on my allotment - it's lovely roasted or mashed with potatoes. If you like beans, try a heritage variety called painted lady - the flowers are stunning; and borage which attracts bees like mad - and the flowers are lovely frozen in ice cubes (then add to a pims & lemonade!) If you have room for herbs, lemon balm is really good as a tea for sore throats - it has anti-viral as well as anti bacterial properties. I could go on, but won't bore you any longer - have fun!!


Those pics are seriously yummy! I think I need to go make dinner now. :oP

Hazel & Henna

Awesome photos!!!

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