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September 28, 2007



Ooh a hot date, good for you and Dustin!! I love the jewelry finds and for $8, that is awesome!! Enjoy the weekend.


HOW SWEET! Love it all....and have a fun night/weekend!
I wanna go thrifting tomorrow! Guess what, I get my chocolate lolli quilt back from the quilters tomorrow! YAY!


Love the butterfly and the bee pins!
Pride & Prejudice A&E version is one of my favourite 3 movies. Hope you enjoy it!


OMG! How is it that I only just found your blog!!!??? I love your work. Your photos are delicious too!

Hopscotch Design

Don't ya' love vintage finds!?!? So, will you wear the jewelry? display it? incorporate it into a design? give it as gifts? turn it into something new? The bee and dragonfly are fabulous! ~Holly

Hopscotch Design

Oh, have you seen there is a new movie coming out soon... "The Jane Austen Book Club". Jane must be in the air this year! :)

Kim McBirnie

Just got back off my hols so missed the last P&P post, but I have to agree that the BBC version is fantastic. I remember it being on TV when I was at University and making my then boyfriend (now husband) watch it with me. Oh my, Colin Firth is an amazing Mr Darcy! On a similar vein, if you can get it over there, check out the BBC's 'Shakespeare retold' series. James McAvoy who is in 'Becoming Jane' smouldered in their modern remake of Macbeth. Hmm, may have to watch that tonight myself!
Very envious of the foundling jewellery by the way, it is certain to come in useful at some point - and nice to be re-loved!
Kim xx

Tanya Whelan

Sandi, you're pictures just rock, that's all...Maybe some day you'll tell me your secret. Oh my gosh, your debut is coming so, so soon, you're gonna be fantabulous. Please let us know when the collection will be up on the company website! I can't wait to see it!!!!!


I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS! Did I not tell you that I collect all that kind of stuff? WOW and at 5 for 2- I would so be in heaven!!! You found some awesome stuff! WEAR IT!!! SO retro chic!


I love vintage jewelry and your "treasures" are just wonderful!! Btw, that owl is very popular right now, great find!! :o)


wow!!! I am soooo jealous of your jewelry finds right up my alley. I love the owl. I would totally make that into a necklace (long one). And lovin the yellow flowers. And I agree your pics are rockin. :)


You totally won with that owl!!!


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