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September 21, 2007


Hopscotch Design

Sandi... you are truly my soul sister... I too am pining for my beloved Harry... I am even indulging in reading fanfiction to fill the void (some is wonderful, some is terrible).

I LOVE/ADORE P&P (film version... now I MUST see the A&E). Although I love Colin Firth, since Matthew McFadden is my FIRST Mr. Darcy, I cannot imagine another being quite as wonderful. ~~sigh~~ I may yet be proven wrong... it HAS happened before! :)


Hazel & Henna

I could not have agreed more about the SNORE FEST that are period pieces, until I saw Pride & Prejudice TOO!!

NOW, you have to read 'Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife' by Linda Berdoll

I swear, promise, you have to.


Hello Sandi - found you whilst blog-hopping and love your creativeness! (Love that garland the most!) PLEASE try to watch Colin Firth as Mr D'Arcy. He is divine. It is the only word for him! I too am missing Harry (but am re-reading and finding that since my memory is so awful, a lot of it is surprising - yey!) Will be back to visit your blog often! Emma


oh becoming jane was good, and kinda artsy which is nice nowadays. when you are in a slower mood watch Persuasion (with amanda root. i LOVE watching her get more beautiful throughout the movie!)

i love the dress you made for your daughter! do you use a pattern? did you design your own? I'd love to learn how to do sleeves like that...


About 2 weeks ago I went to visit my Bro and Sis-in-law and she couldn't believe I'd never seen any of the Jane Austen movies. So, she sent me home with the Pride and Prejudice mini series and the kiera knightly movie. I just watched them on Sunday and I must say that I am also a convert. :-) I found the same thing appealing and I even went to imdb.com to see if I could get more of that Mr. Darcy in something else.


Ah yes! I adore these films and have for years!!! I had the opposite situation last weekend, I was invited to see Sydney White. I was like ok ok, I'll try, I DO NEED to get out without the child for once in 3 years LOL. So I went and lo and behold I found it freaking hilarious!!! A growing experience for us both I guess :)

I love Mr. Darcy :) hehehe



I highly recommend Persuasion also Sense and Sensibility, oh and Mansfield Park, very funny. Of course I just love the clothes in Emma, lovely!

Sandi Henderson

Oh, I will definitely check that one out! I don't have a clue what it's about, so it should be fun.

Yes, the pattern is my own, I am releasing sewing patterns this spring, so you can catch them then!

Thank you!

Sugarshop (Dena)

Oh, I loved, loved, loved Pride & Prejudice, I had already seen Emma, but after P&P I ran out and got my hands on every other movie I hadn't seen.

Michele C

I'm a Jane Austen fan, too. But I TOTALLY understand your statement, "...my beloved Harry has ended." I'm 42-years old and have many more important things to worry about, but what am I going to do without more Harry?! If you listen to the books on tape (the books are even so much better recorded), listen to the entire last tape. It starts with Harry going into the forest to meet V and it ends, of course, with the grownup Harry. It's a crown for the series.

Robyn Brown

Have you read the books yet? The movies just don't do them justice! I have long been a Jane Austen fan. If you like her try the Bronte sisters. You'll like them too!
I haven't seen this version of Pride & Prejudice. So far my favorite is the black and white with Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson (though it does leave out her whole visit to Pemberley). I will have to check this one out.


I absolutely adore this version of P&P! In fact I just watched it again the other night(being sick that's pretty much all I've been doing in the evenings). My Honey will hopefully be adding it to to my stocking this Christmas. :o)


Oh am so happy Quilter's Buzz sent your site out fantastic lovely family finding the patterns where? know you are busy someday let us know by renee


Hi! I'm a grad student in English Lit and intermittent crafter as well and have been a devoted Austen-ite for a while. Certainly I will second, third, and fourth the many recommendations to see the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice. I do love Colin Firth as Darcy, but Jennifer Ehle, too, is an amazing Elizabeth. You should also, though, rent or Netflix the even older film version of P&P with Lawrence Olivier and Greer Garson, filmed in 1940. This is a fun and playful version that will put you in a very good mood.

And speaking of Jane, Masterpiece Theatre is televising adaptations of all six novels from January to March. I can't wait!!

Wendy P

I just dug this up. I am loving Jane Austen again now. I had seen Sense and Sensibility some years back, and I also saw Emma (the Gwyneth Paltrow version) when that came out.

Have you seen the Jane Austen Book Club movie? I really liked that. Had to see it after renting Becoming Jane.

I still haven't seen Mansfield Park, but that is on the Netflix list!

I heard that a new Wuthering Heights is in production for any Bronte fans in here. I doubt they can top the Ralph Fiennes and Juliet Binoche version, but we'll see!

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