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September 24, 2007


Helena B

I thought I was the only one who made those mistakes in sewing! Two words - Seam Ripper, gal's best friend - that is until you stab yourself with it!

Mama Urchin

You're so funny and the dress is so cute. I saw some vintage table runners recently and thought of you.


Mistakes or not, that dress is adorable and Eliza's cuteness makes up for any little sewing errors!


Sandi, thanks for sharing the dress -- missteps and all. Makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one who does stuff like that! And the dress is sooooo pretty! I never would have known the little challenges along the way.


aww... it turned out so cute despite all your troubles! I've had a few days/projects like this... it's one trip after another.

The important thing is that you stuck in there and have such a beautiful dress to show for ALL that hard work.

You're such an inspiration!


Ditto! We should all join the "hail to the seam ripper club." Isn't it crazy who some projects just do that ... every other step or so your having to fix something. Half of you wants to send the project flying out the window and the other wants to prove that you really are smart and really can do it!

The dress looks amazing, Eliza couldn't be cuter and the story behind the dress only adds to it's charm!


Totally cute!!! Can't believe how your little girl (and mine, too) are growing up so quickly! Darling dress!!!! Your safety pin job sounds like mine! I need a new method, I know, but I am stuck on old tricks. I made a cute dress last week, too....I'll post it soon! :) Great work, Sandi!!!! Yay!!!


Sandi, you have me laughing! I've made dresses like that, that were just one mistake after another! But, it was worth it. That dress came out lovely, and your little sweetie looks absolutely beautiful!!

Hopscotch Design

My husband laughs at me when I do something like that... says, "It's not a project until you are ripping something out!" LOL Oh well! It is the end-product that matters... and it is lovely! :) Holly


Oh, my gosh, that is too cute. I love the idea of using a table runner for an apron! Now I'll have to keep my eyes open for them.
I use safety pins, too, for pulling elastic through. I have those bodkin-y things, but either they are the wrong size or I keep losing them. Safety pins seem to be in good supply, LOL!
I'm a big Alton Brown fan, myself!


This is beautiful. Love the HB fabric.


yes, patching things to the other side of the outfit. you sigh with satisfaction as you pull it out of the sewing machine and then make the fated discovery, "agh, die! die!".

have you ever made dress-up clothes? when i have girls i think it would be fun to make them real princess dresses, more like queen elizabeth dresses. not the, "i'm part hooligan, stripper, ballerina" outfits you pick up from toy's-r-us. i've just never seen a real ball dress for little girls so i figured i had better learn and make one. if you ever see anything fabulous... and where did you find that snazzy material?

Tanya Whelan

Gorgeous dress and even more beautiful child! congrats on all you wonderful creations Sandy...

kari and kijsa

That is one of the cutest dresses we have ever seen. Do you have a website? Seriously, mixing the apron....FABULOUS!

blessings, kari and kijsa

sheree (sheree's alchemy)

The dress is darling! Great fall colors.


Well, you'd never be able to tell!! Very pretty!


Oh that is one of my fav fabrics, the green freshcut :) What I do if I lose my trusty safety pin is I take a pin and stretch it out so the pressure when closed is alot stronger ;) It helps!!! Good luck on the next one!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!! I am inspired to somehow turn my vintage finds into a gorgeous apron dress, If only I new where to start ;0) ahhhhh...maybe someday before my lil' girl is too big. Being new to sewing I have found my seam ripper to also be my new bff. Thank you for sharing!



Ahh yes, I think we've all had days like this. When it rains it pours, doesn't it:)
Well worth it though, it turned out fabulous.

Sandi Henderson

LOL! I love the description of the cheap-o dress up outfits. The skirt fabric is from Heather Bailey's Freshcut line, the mustard sleeves are from Amy Butler's Lotus and the babywhale cord from the bodice is from..ahem..Joannes. ;)


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