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October 26, 2007



What an exciting journey your on! Good momma? Ha!! Your one of the best and the fact that you finished the costumes doesn't even weigh into my opinion. I look forward to hearing all about market.


Safe travels to you, Sandi! The costumes look great and I look forward to your show report!



you are amazing! Love the costumes, good luck at Market...relax, enjoy,soak it all in so you can share with us;)

Have fun!

Mama Urchin

Have fun. I'm crazy about the Halloween costumes too. You are super-mom and after this weekend I bet you'll call yourself super-designer-lady too.


Well done -- wishing you success and tons of fun at market!


Sandi... your kids are so cute!! They are so lucky their mommy is such a good seamstress!! I can't wait until I have kids I can dress up... It's such a fun challenge to see what can be made :D

I hope your trip to market is wonderfully successful and fun!! You'll be a star!


Well, this answers my question about what time you went to bed, or maybe not - did you even go to bed?

Anyway, you'll be amazing at market!!


Best wishes at Market your new fabric collection is going to be huge!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it I am already dreaming up designs! The costumes are too cute too I just finished up my nieces kitty costume and I am covered in fur but it is so worth it!

happy zombie

How absolutely beautiful! And I don't like glitter and sparkle... but this is an exception! Oh VERA (that's right, I called you Vera), that dress is out of this world!

Have a great time at Market Cinderella! Can't wait to hear your reports.


Awwww...What a cute buncha trick-or-treaters ^^ You did fantastic. You deserve to have a great time, and I'm sure you will!
Good luck!


A- for Amazing Sandi!!!! So cute! Good luck and wish I was going, too! *sniff*....i am feeling like I should be there, too! Maybe next time around.....good luck and take lotsa pics.....hugs, Laurie!


Good luck to you! Cheers to doing it all!


Good luck sweetie!!!

Can't wait to see the pictures.


Lucky, Lucky kids, Madame! I wish you'd make my costume! I'd be sparkly witch! Adorable! d.

Tammy Brown

Sandi- Hope all is well at the Market. We are anxious to hear the latest! We have spoiled your kids, and they are ALL sugered up too! The love the tent, and have a few new toys here too. (Mostly Dora!). The costumes are adorable and the kids made a splash at the Halloween Party yesterday. All is well! Enjoy this romantic time with your honey.


Sewing costumns for Halloween are some of my fondest memories, I don't know why but it meant a lot to us. Have a great time at the Market.

Helena B

wow woman! cute costumes, cute pics, and a great trip I hope!


The kids are so dang cute!


Are you kidding!?! You whipped those up in two hours?!?! You rock! they look great!

I bet you are so excited to go to Market with your new line coming out- have a blast!! You deserve it


Love the costumes, especially that patchwork lion! That is tooooo cute!!

I can't wait to hear about Market. I'm so excited for you! I haven't been able to visit lately so am slowly trying to catch up. The fabric looks amazing and I can't wait to buy it. Have to check with my local quilt shop and make sure they're ordering some. ;o)

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