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November 02, 2007



They are very cute papers! I love to make cards out of cute paper... sometimes I like to cover books (cute notebooks, journals, diaries etc) with cute paper. They also make nice gifts. I have also covered nice paper in clear contact (clear sticky plastic film) and lined drawers with them. I know some people like to do decoupage as well.


I'd probably cover boxes with them-some to keep and some to give away. Sort of a gift within a gift thing. Seems like a nice little storage box to hold christmas cards would be fun!


You could put them in frames and arrange them in your craft/workroom. You could even cover some shoe box tops and put those up. I know what you mean. I have probably only one friend that would "get it"!


I am with the other suggestions....cover boxes, journals and decoupage. That way they are useful, but they aren't just a one use thing.

They are VERY cute! (and i would have a hard time unwrapping a present wrapped in that!! And I am the type of person that peeks at her presents before Christmas! LOL)

Erika Cass Designs

I honestly have no idea but they're really adorable! I know, not much help right?
I'm a big Tori Amos fan though. ;o)


Ditto on all of the suggestions. I dont have another one, all mine were taken!


They are really cute. I recently saw somebody use wrapping paper to cover Ikea's wood magazine organizers. They looked so adorable all lined up on a shelf. I don't remember the blog now but they cut templates from cardstock (as not to waste the beautiful papers) and then used one of those sticker making machines. You could probably use any good adhesive. It would be so cute in an office, craft room, or even in a kids room.


On the last post, about the ikea magazine holders, the blog was two straight lines. I thought that was a cool idea too. The papers are on display, yet serving a purpose.


Sandi, obviously the solution is to use the papers to wrap gifts you send to us. LOL! They are darling and I'm sure you can find lots of papercrafts to do with them.


I don't know what you should do with the paper, but I just wanted to chime in and say that I LOVE Tori Amos! Can't wait to download her new songs from iTunes.


oohh.... ohhhh... me me. Feel free to send me a package wrapped in those pretties anytime. I don't know if I could use them. Once I found the greatest vintage wrapping paper, but it was only a little bit, so I framed it so I could savor it forever. Am I crazy?? maybe.


I'd love a gift wrapped in that vintage paper! Get some modge podge and dress up some cans for pens or supplies or something like that. I'm planning on redoing a doll crib for one of Hannah's Christmas presents with vintage paper inlays. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful as you always do!


I forgot- be sure to scan the paper onto your computer so you'll always have the design for other projects. (I always do that.)


I'm not much a paper crafter, but I think Missy has some great ideas!! I think I need to invest in a big bottle of Modge Podge and have some fun.

Sugarshop (Dena Berg)

Adorable paper! I would cover boxes too. The kind you can find at the craft store with the lids for special memento keeping! I just caught a clip of Rosie on Martha Stewart and they were covering light switch plates. It will be fun to see what you end up with!


The framing idea is what first came to my mind but you could gild them up before framing with glitters, scrapping elements,...FABRIC! Holiday Card making would be my next choice. I totally agree, if you can't use it, loose it!


Once upon a time I saw Martha making something really awesome with vintage wallpaper. I think it was with Melissa Neufeld? The sad part is that I can't remember the crafter or the crafter so I have never been able to google up the craft! LOL

(But yet I still buy the paper because I remember thinking I wanted it for that craft. One day I will sort it out.)


The wrappingpaper is adorable. I love the happy colours! Have fun with it!

phobiamom(Shelli Akers)

Here is an award for you! You really are a super creative person and I adore your blog! Don't feel pressured to put the award in your sidebar, I am pretty fussy about what goes in mine! I would like to post on my blog that I awarded it to you, if that is ok, let me know!




ooohhhh,,,you could cover/decoupage/epoxy:
coasters, serving trays (great for holidays)..., boxes, ornaments, so many things! with your love for flea market and garage sale finds, you will surely come across the perfect thing!


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