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December 18, 2007


Debbie Sinclair

Sandi: Love your blog. This year check out A Stranger For Christmas by Carol Lynn Pearson. Even if you don't get it for the anniversary book, it's one you will love. Merry Christmas, Debbie


Oh, I love your anniversary tradition! And what a wonderful thing for your children to have one day...have a great day and hope you find the perfect book!! What a wonderful post about your husband too...I feel the same way about mine...I don't know what I'd do without him!

Kim McBirnie

Many congratulations on your anniversary - and for many, many more to come. We always buy a new Christmas book every year, our oldest child, Alexander, is seven now, and it started with his very first Christmas. I love those new books, and every year that we re-read them, thinking of all that has gone before and all that is still to come. Building tradition in to your family is important! I don't know about my children, but it certainly makes me feel safe and loved. When they get older, I would recommend 'A Box Of Delights', or 'The Children of Green Knowe' - good ones for your inner child now! Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Kim xx


You are so cute......I hope you have a fun anniversary! It's nuts how fast five years goes by! I love to see your pictures. Miss 'ya lady...come to think of it, I'm going to go call you...talk to you in a second! luvs.........


Happy Anniversary... my hubby and I are celebrating 10 years tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!


What a nice story and a wonderful idea. Happy Anniversary! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a year filled with peace and good health.


Love your anniversary tradition. We also collect Christmas books. My daughters get 1 each every 1st of December. We read these for just 1 month each year to keep them special. These gifted books will be theirs to start their own family collection when they leave home. My oldest darling got a Christmas Stories collection from the little house on the prairie this year. She just loves it.

Happy anniversary and I hope you find the perfect book.


Congrats! What a sweet tradition. Great books too. I also printed out the peppermint pinwheels recipe. I'll try it when I get a break.

Happy holidays!

martha schuster

happiest of anniversaries! what a beautiful tradition! is it too late for me to start this? such beautiful keepsake.

incidently, i keep your blog open most of the day so i can listen to your beautiful music. my children discovered the polar express this year, so i'm made to repeat the first song over and over!

and, i know we only touched on this briefly, so you'll have to share with me more later, but you have a lovely eye for photography. i love the shot of the books!

happy holidays to you!


Sandi...just so you know I DID start a blog...just for you girlie. That is my anniversary presant for you. I still have a couple more blogs to post this afternoon but I'd thought I'd give you a headsup. it's jojogirl13.blogspot.com The "l" in girl and "1" in 13 look the same but they are different... LUVS TO YOU Carrie


What a beautiful tradition... And happy anniversary.


We started this tradition in our family as well, we get a new Christmas book every December. On of our favorites, since we have boys, is the Lego Christmas story complete with lego people depicting the whole story. It's a hoot! We put the books away with the rest of the Christmas decor so they stay "special".


Happy Anniversary! What a fun tradition....we love Christmas books, too....been collecting lots this season!


Happy Anniversary, Sandi & Dustin! May you have many, many more!


Happy anniversary, you guys! I hope you have a fantastic night, with many more to come! :)

Carol Van Rooy

Lovely blog. I have just recently started the tradition of Santa Mouse with my children. They always think it's a hoot to see what Santa Mouse leaves in the boughs of the tree.

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