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December 30, 2007



Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. This LA Cali girl will probably never experience a beautiful white Christmas like you have. Happy New Year to you and your family.


Love the photos. Living "Down Under" our Christmas was soooo different! You made some lovely gifts for your family - very inspiring. Have a wonderful New Year.

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Oh, man..a Christmas Play. Thaat sound so wonderful and cute. I may have to swipe that idea from you. That snow is beautiful. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Sandi! Your photos are wonderful! A fun peek into your holidays! I need to steal away and come and play! If not, I guess I will see you in May! :)


Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love all your gorgeous pic's. Your dad and step mom need to share their secret for looking so youthful, I thought they were your siblings before I read the post! Happy New Year! I'm back, so lets get together some time.


Happy New Year, Sandi.....almost! Fun christmas gifts you made....you are so talented, girl. Now I can see where your gorgeous curly locks come from. I always wanted curls when I was a little girl. One of my girlies got the curls, and not me. Tee heeeee.
Can we see more of that quilt with Amy Butler fabrics? SOOO gorgeous...and the scarf is out of this world.

Sandi Henderson


I thought I would be super nice to Tammy and my Dad, and now I'm kind of blowing it by giving away the secret, but I photoshopped them that young looking. ;) I'm sure the mountain air doesn't hurt and now I'm going to get angry phone calls for giving up the secret!

Tammy also had a big gash across the nose from a flying crock pot..oh the wonders you can do with photoshop.


Tammy Brown

.....We were photoshopped?..... Oh, getting older is a bummer. I thought we looked "refreshed", & I forgot about my nose gash :). (I like it, no angry phone calls!).
The quilt is gorgeous! Thank you so much, I do wish there was a better picture of it. It looks great in our home.
Send "Shark Boy" and the "Barbie Pink" dancer back soon! We miss you and your family already.
Happy New Year!
Tammy (or just call me "Airbrush") :)


What a beautiful, snowy Christmas! We're in Georgia doing our regular "second Christmas" with my husbands family. No snow, but lots of much needed rain. Mom-in-law is using the crock pot tomorrow....I'll watch out!

Gretchen Henderson

I found your blog on Heather Baileys and have enjoyed keeping up with all of your projects. I love your fabric and want to make my sister-in-law a baby quilt with your new fabric. Is the fabric available? And how or where can I purchase it? Thank you for your posts and amazing creativity! Happy New Year!


My gracious, what gorgeous pictures!!

Happy new year! :)


LOVE the pics of your dad's place, Sandi. Wow, that makes our snow storm here look like diddly squat. Glad you guys had a good one.


Wow- You didn't photoshop your dad's eyes, did you? They are so bright and blue. Awesome pictures!

Sandi Henderson

Oh nope-didn't change those! I was lucky to get them from him-if you look at us from nose up we're almost identical. Same eyebrows and everything. Pointy-like Michael Keaton.



Oh- I know it's way past Christmas now. Looking at these pictures make me miss Wyoming. Although - seeing as how it's been below 0 there and in the 60's here...maybe I only think I miss it. :-)

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