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January 02, 2008



At the present moment, I can see everything on the right.


I'm with Amy.

Mama Urchin

All on the right for me too. Maybe you just need to clear your cache?


Everything is on the right, but your music jukebox is larger than the column's width. :-)
Happy new years!!

sugarshop (Dena Berg)

Hi Sandi, everything is on the right. If you clear your cache and delete cookies and refresh it should be good, however I'm all mac and on my laptop it stayed the same even after clearing all that so I cleared everything again and restarted and it was good to go. Hope that helps. Love the new green!

sugarshop (Dena Berg)

ok love the new blue. LOL. I swear it was green and then I hit post and it was blue! LOL!


Love your pretty labels. All the best for a wonderfully creative new year.


I love your labels. Where do you get them done? Hope you and your family are having a wonderful New Year.


I don't see any albums to my left. That is too funny because I have been purging hard and my five year old daughter thought I was crazy when I told her I was cleaning. She said to me, "it is pretty messy around here for you to be cleaning". She has no vision yet!


I can still see them......
Quick question - where do you get your labels done, if you don't mind me asking? I was just surfing the web looking for a place to do sewing labels JUST LIKE THAT. But of course with my name, not your cool logo.


gorgeous makeovers, Sandi!!!!!!!!!
You always amaze and make things sparkle! happy new year, Laurie


Looks amazing Sandi....
I cant see anything on the right...its all on the left!!

Sandi Henderson

Thanks everyone for the help with the technical issues, I'll be back tomorrow to answer questions about the tags and I'll put up a tutorial! Thanks again.



everything is on the right- love the banner too... can't wait to see what new things you come up with in 2008!!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

Sandi ~ I just found your blog. It's beautiful! I love all of the color, the pictures, and the fabric. I've added you to my blogroll.

Kim McBirnie

Everything is on the right - but hey, what's wrong with the right? Looks very pretty by the way, and very professional!


Yes...everything is on the right and I LOVE the new look! Beautiful header!


hi sandi!
i just found your blog! and i feel like i have found a new crafty friend too! you are officially the second blog that i will check regularly (the first being my college roomie-the most creative person i know. so you are in great company!)
i am happy to find you! and i canNOT WAIT to sew with your new fabrics (for my twin 3 year old daughters.)
will we know via your blog when and where we can find ALL of your fabrics?
thanks for blogging/sharing!


Hi Sandi, just thought I would stop by and thank you for letting me know that you visit! I know what you mean about the cleaning, and it looking MUCH worse before it looks any better! I need to do some of that kind of cleaning!

wow gold

Excuse my Mess.. - Portabellopixie

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