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January 25, 2008



I think that sharing about these wonderful people is the best tribute. Thank you for making us stop and think about them as I'm sure we all do as we read your blog.


beautiful girl, beautiful tribute.


Sandi, it's beautiful and such a wonderful tribute to a fallen soldier.


what a beautiful tribute. and thank you so much for the link.


What a thoughtful post and another reminder that this is still happening every single day.

Wonderful link too.

lily boot

Thankyou so much for this post - reading about Isela and the motivation behind the Mothers' Day Project made me cry. It is so easy to ignore the personal element of war and thus become immune to the loss and horror. Thank you for making me stop and think about it. Warm regards, Lily


thank you for sharing this and recording this beautiful woman's life as part of your blog.


that is beautiful.
that story is so touching.
what a hero she was.so brave.


Very endearing story and act.


No one is ever really gone from the earth as long as someone fondly remembers your name.

Thanks forthe link.
And for her story.


Because of your post I signed up. Thank you.


I loved this. I signed up also. What a great way to pay tribute. Thank you

happy zombie

Oh Sandi... what a beautiful tribute you made to Isela. I love how you sent some of your fabric too. Very moving and very sweet of you - but that doesn't surprise me since it's so you!

PS... I LOVE the pic of you at the top of your sidebar!


I just came to your blog via Creative Blogs and have been reading through your posts. I read about the Mothers Day Project somewhere a few months ago and my mother and I both participated.. I don't have a blog (yet!) so haven't shared my experience with the project much but just wanted to say that it was really nice to read about your experience with it.. Such a fabulous idea!

Toni Elkey

Thank you so much for making our family (military family) a part of your blog. As a military wife of 16 years. It's nice to know that others get it. And to have people sign up because of your blog.


We are in Germany now and are looking forward to getting back to the states in May. I will be wearing a tote made by me from your beautiful ginger blossom collection.

Thank you ,


Just to clarify and ensure. Sgt Ruby suffered a sucking chest wound when a mortar round exploded inside FOB marez (in mosul) between "jersey barriers". She was treated with first aid until arriving at the medics, but had passed by then. I knew Sgt Ruby in B co, 296 BSB, 3/2 SBCT.

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