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January 04, 2008



The blog is looking beautiful!

(Now what can I shir? LOL)


Thanks so much for that tutorial. I think you might actually inspire me to try shirring! I had never even considered trying it until I saw your tutorial. And the site looks great, by the way!


Gorgeous blog......gorgeous girlie...gorgeous top!


Thanks for the inspiration. I make sure to look at your blog every morning over my coffee. I am a self taught sewer with far more motivation than skill so I am really excited to try out shirring :) When will your fabric line be released - I have lots of projects already planned for it!

Cheers from sunny Queensland Australia

PS Loving your music - never heard of The Weepies here in Oz, it is just lovely blog music.

Kim McBirnie

Hi Sandi, thank goodness you are posting tutorials. I'm kind of a newcomer to sewing and my skills are still on the basic side, but I would love to make clothes for my three year old daughter. When I got home from work today she was tired after a day with her gran, she sat on my knee and we looked at your pictures of past creations. Oh mummy, says Anna, will you make me a dress like that? Er............says I. I have to tell you, she pretty much requested one of each! So somehow, I need to upskill myself quite rapidly, or she will be requesting an atlantic transfer!
Good look with the new look blog and upcoming fabric release.
Kim xx


Wow. Just beautiful here.....it's a pleasure to arrive.

Sandi Henderson

Oh the Weepies are amazing. I probably like them even more since they aren't all that popular! Great "artist" music.

Sandi Henderson

Kim- That's the one thing I really miss about sewing for others. Hearing how their little ones love the clothing. If you have any particular tutorials you'd like to see, feel free to request them and I'll do what I can!


Mama Urchin

Can I say how wonderfully happy you wrote this. I have wanted to figure out the shirring and my one attempt was a disaster. Off to read your wise words.

danni perez

love the new blog colors.
the tutorial is fantastic too.


Hi Sandi,

Love the new look! I have been a lurker for quite some time and have enjoyed looking at all your designs. Thank you for the tutorial on shirring. I have seen this done a lot but have not tried it myself. How do you measure for your daughter's top? I have a 3.5 yr old girl and would love to make her some tops like yours. Can hardly wait for you fabric to be available. Please keep up all the wonderful inspiring posts. I really enjoy them:) ks

Sandi Henderson

Hi Krystin!

For a top similar to the picture, I usually take her chest measurement and double it. I might shave off a few inches depending on the body part.(I don't have a specific formula here) There are so many options..

A good way to start is by using one print for the whole top:

Eliza's chest measurement is 20 inches so I cut two 20 by 15 inch pieces. Sew them together at the sides, finish the top and bottom hems and shir from the top down to however far you would like. Add a few straps and you're done.

When you get comfortable with it, you can experiment a bit. Make the bodice a different fabric, add a ruffle or two. etc..This basic technique can really make a huge difference and is really easy!

Also, the top I pictured has button holes for the straps to go through. If you try this, make sure to shir around the button holes. Don't try to create the button holes over your shirring or it will all come undone!



Love the new layout! Pretty Pretty!! Can't wait to get my hands on some fabric.

Do you know of any places that are going to carry the trim?

I know I had asked about labels awhile ago. I got some from someone who printed them for almost the same amount and hate them. Sadly no returns. I'll definitely be ordering!


So cute!! What gorgeous photos!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!!


your blog is really beautiful....
(and sorry for my english....)


This tutorial is great! I bought a piece of already shirred fabric from Joann's last summer and made it into a dress for my daughter and she loved it. Now I can make as many as I want.


Blog on queenie! It looks marvelous & I gotta come see that floor. Maybe we can have Trevor's B-day party there instead? hmmm...

Lisa thedomesticdiva

Nice tutorial...I once tried shirring and failed miserably...think it was the auto tension on my machine. Thanks for inspiring me to attempt it again.

Isn't fancyweaver labels the best? I've been using him for some time now and couldn't be more pleased.

Wishing you all things good in 2008!

With friendship,

Sandi Henderson

Oh yes, definitely give it another try! Most people crank up the tension really tight and I've found (at least on my machine) that I keep the settings almost exactly the same for a regular stitch. I have a singer and for a regular straight stitch I set it at a 3 for stitch length and a 3 for tension. For shirring, I adjust the stitch length to a 4 and leave the tension alone. This works for most quilt weight cottons, but I test every fabric on a scrap because they are all a tiny bit different!



Thanks for the tutorial - I cannot wait to try it. Can't wait to get my hands on some ginger blossom fabric! Michael Miller mailed us a color copy page to order from this week. Want to send me some of your scraps to tide me over in the meantime??!!LOL
Happy New Year!

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