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January 22, 2008



Cute, cute, cute! Can't wait to see what you've had up your sleeve, Sandi~ You always amaze and excite us with your fun creations....A for adorable pincushion! Can't wait to work with your fabrics.


I love the sweetness! So excited to see all that you are working on! Continued good luck on the chair cover! Slow and steady wins the race!!! ;)


Wow, I adore that! Is this a pattern you sell? I would love to make this for some of my cake friends!


How do you do it all? You sound crazy busy...if you need a break, give me a call.


Thanks for the shout out, Sandi. Sales are going well! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!


yummmmy!! I so want to make one of those!!


cute cute cute, can't wait to see your patterns and style. you are so blessed and talented. thanks for doing what you do!


This is really adorable. Love the colors and the fabric. This such a wonderful blog to visit. I'm still stalking those photo tips/tutorials you mentioned to me.

I can't wait to see how you transformed your chair too.

Have a great week.

Stephanie Dunphy

LOVE your fabric. Pincushions are darling. Where oh where do you find the adorable heart and leaf pins? I have flowers and buttons and NEED more cute pins.

Piecefully, Stephanie

Sandi Henderson

Hi Stephanie!

The pins are from the dollar bin at Joannes! Heather Bailey gifted me one of her pear pincushions a bit back and they were sticking out of it. Of course I had to track them down myself. Super cute huh?



hi sandi!
its just getting so darn exciting: all that you have coming down the pike...fabrics, patterns...i can't wait!!!


Hey Sandi, just peeking in to see your progress. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Exciting things too. Hang in there.

Kim McBirnie

Wow, very exciting, I've just put in my first order for Ginger Blossom. It's like Christmas all over again, having to wait for mid february!


Your comment about a slug sprayed with salt brought a chuckle! That was a favorite pastime for my son, when he was young. The Spring rains would bring slugs out in full force. Also, I have to thank you for not only the wonderful sights of your blog, but the wonderful sounds! You have introduced me to some new groups, and my music knowledge and collection has definitely expanded. That son, who is now 22, is even impressed!! Good luck on all those projects. We can all relate to that so little time stuff.

Sandi Henderson

Ah thank you! You know, I have never actually done that to a slug. The idea of melting to death is much to painful for me to inflict it on another living creature! LOL But it makes for good writing I suppose. I'm sure my little boy will have plenty of slug melting adventures for me to cringe at.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the music, for some reason it isn't playing for me today and I'm missing the tunes.



True, it does seem a rather cruel thing. However, if the dog had his way, he would have gotten them first. Or, I would have had my way with them, since they were destroying the garden! Guess our yard just was not meant to be a safe refuge for slugs! Hope the tunes are playing for you today, and that all your projects are progressing toward completion. I just keep hoping my friendly guy in brown soon delivers bolts of Ginger Blossom!!


OK, your new line is AMAZING!! Love it. But I reeeeally love the music on your blog, it is awesome. Your kids are so lucky to have such a cool mom.

happy zombie

I hope one day to see you at my front door (maybe in May? :o)... and you holding this! Ok, I want you there with or without your yummy cupcake!


I made a promise that I wouldn't buy anymore fabric, BUT you my friend are the EXCEPTION!!!
I am also excited about the upcoming clothing patterns, I have 5 kids, 3 of which are girls, soooo I am always on the hunt for cute stuff!!


I adore your fabrics ! Do you have the cupcake pincusion pattern available yet. Dying to try it out. Have 8 sisters and would love to make them each one for Christmas gifts this year ! Great website !

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