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February 04, 2008


Emily Anne

OHHHHH- I'm sad. :( I totally thought I was going to win. Good choice though!


Oh my girls have just bought Hairspray and both High School musicals with their Christmas money from Grandma, I think we have seen/heard it 100 times in the last week, my 3 year old knows all the words! It is great! Cant wait to see you at market with your new fabric and patterns, go girl, Helen


I am a huge Hairspray fan! My 4yr old son even loves it and sings to the soundtrack! Sooooo much better than the original! Meg


I get to go see Hairspray in New York in May! I cannot wait! I love that move!


Oh!~ that is perfect!!!!!! love it!!!


I LOVE HAIRSPRAY!!! I haven't seen the original one since I was young, but I remembered that I did like it back then. SO when the new one came out I was all over it. My sister saw it first and told me not to waste my time because it was the dumbest movie she'd ever seen. (She has awful taste in movies!)
I saw it anyway and was not disappointed! I was thinking about renting the original again, but I think not. Don't want to ruin it!
Love the new piggy's name!!! Missed you yesterday.


i'm sad not to have won, but i'm glad to see we share movie tastes. I too loved new HairSpray, hated old HairSpray. Shoot, I'm a musical lover in general...I went to see it with my two daughters, we loved it. Great pig name too.


I am a huge fan of Hairspray too. What a fun fun movie!


wait a minute- if you are just finding your new boyfriend with this movie, have you not seen High School Musical? If you love Hairspray, you may love that too. I have a five year old daughter who looooves that movie. Good clean fun. Be warned: High School Musical 2 is a bit heavy on the cheese but still fun.

Sandi Henderson

Hee Hee-yes I thought that would come up. I have seen them both and love them!



Hooray! I'm so excited that you liked the name. It is an awesome show. I'm even more excited about the fabric. I love your designs and have been planning on preordering some! That was a fun contest. Thank you!


Haven't seen Hairspray. Its because I've seen the original several times and didn't think it would be much different. But now I will.

And the new fabric up on Michael Miller's site is to die for. I love it. I'm busy thinking of a quilt now that I can create with it. Its just what I like - a mix of vintage with modern. So darling.


Oh I love pigs!! :) Love 'em.

What a cute name. And yes Hairspray is one great flick. And I think your blog gets brighter and prettier each time I come here Sandi!


just found your blog! You make me wish I could sew! Awesome work!!


I just love your fabric and the wonderful colors!


I just love your fabric and the wonderful colors!


I love the new fabric line and can't wait to play with it!

Love the name your winner submitted!


Nursing pajamas

i guess everyone said it already :D
everyone loves it and count me in. i love it too. soooo much.. :D


I just found out that I HAVE CURLY HAIR TOO!! although, yours is a bit curilerI figure it out a few weeks ago. with a defuiser and some kind of hair gunk, I ALSO have gone from stick straight to a bit of wave!(it was the pregnancy for me what the heck was it for you??!)

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