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February 01, 2008



Hello... miss pink piglet.... I shall name you Emmaline :D You are adorable and I wish you had a sister who could come live on my desk.


ps. Very much looking forward to your photography FAQ!


She's so girly! I think she needs cherry in her name... maybe CherriAnne?


Maybe Pinklett? It's so cute.


My little girl Elizabeth (6) loves the name Clairece ( from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)....so I think your adorable little pig would be a perfect Clairece ( I hope that is how it is spelled? :)

SugarShop (Dena Berg)

How cute that she has dots on her back!
How bout Porka-Dot? Lol!


She most definitely looks like a Petunia Bloom to me. With her cute little flowers and pink dots, so sweet, just like a Petunia Bloom!


i realize that, with the movie coming out, it makes it rather unoriginal - but I canNOT look at a cute pig and not think, "Penelope".

It's just so stinkin' perfect!

Sandi Henderson

OK, wait, I'm lost. I feel like I should know this, but I can't place it at the moment! ?? What movie is this?


PS-Porka-dot has me rolling in stitches!

Debbie Sinclair

How about "Portabello Piggie." She's adorable!


Tough decision but I think that a cute but 'old-fashioned' type name is fitting for a little piggy found at the thrift store...how about naming her after a wonderful actress like Ava.


I can only go with a theme around our house "Pigerella"

But i like 'daisy' too.


Well...Petunia was my first thought, becasue I had a "Petunia Pig", But since someone beat me to it, I always tried to name my pigs after where or from whom I got them....so "THRIFTY PIG" it shall be! Have a BLESSED day!


How about Macie May? I just like the sound of it.

Macie May - Queen of all the pig staplers.

Kim McBirnie

Oh, she is very cute - I love the eye lashes. She needs an old fashioned, coy name - maybe Florence? I like Gertrude as well, but think it may be more suited to a cow. I can't believe how much thought this takes! I need to think, mutter mutter....
Kim xx

Kim McBirnie

Oh oh oh! did you ever read Rupert the Bear? My mum has every issue back to 1947 and my all time, favorite character was tigerlilly. Very cute!
Kim, still thinking to hard.......

Kim McBirnie



I first thought Pink Porker-how's that?


Shoot, I was thinking of Petunia Wriggleworth, but since two others have already used that name I'll go with, Miss Primrose Stapleton instead. Very cute little pig. :-)


How about Lady Belle because she is such a dainty and beautiful pig?

lynn whelan

i think she looks like a polly. how about pink polly stapleton or just pinkie or polly stapleton. i know you said only one, but they are almost the same thing, ya know.

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