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March 24, 2008



Hi you!
I'm sewing away with some crisp, fresh ginger blossom as we speak! :) LOVE IT! Will show and tell as soon as we're done with the goods!


Looks like you had a fun Easter and that the finger puppets were a hit! Yeah Mom!

Wishing lots of productive time!

Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

those are cute puppets!
I love coming here and am so glad you posted on MMfabric blog, otherwise I never would have found you! :)


Those look like fun. I bet they'd keep the kids busy at a restaurant or church! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


I'm going to make a headband for my daughter tonight and wanted to do the butterfly as well ... but why won't it upload? Is it just my DSL is too slow? Great job on all you're doing!!!


Adorable and easy, what more can you ask for?


Those are totally adorable! I love the little monkey!


Oh I LOVE these finger puppets....you wouldn't happen to want to share WHICH craft store the easter bunny got these at would you? :) Love the pictures. :)


Please add me to your list of volunteer pattern testers/home sewers! I'd love to play too.


Please add me to your list of volunteer pattern testers/home sewers! I'd love to play too.


I found your blog from "todays creative" and I love it. The finger puppets are adorable!



I just found your blog and LOVE it! I have spent the majority of my morning on here :) I added your blog to my "where i go to craft" section on my blog. Let me know if you would rather I take it off ... new to blogging and not sure if people mind that! Thanks for the inspiration!!



So cute Sandi! I want to know if you're still working on redoing that cool chair you posted about a while back! I keep waiting for a post about it....c'mon wonder woman, you know you can do it all! LOL!!!

Heidi Sargent

Oh, I'm with Dayna about that chair. And, what about the bathroom? How did that finally turn out? I'm too excited about your patterns! That cute little 3-tiered dress for one. My sewing machine is warmed-up and ready to play. :)


Sandi -
I just noticed DH's hands under those puppets. It looks like he has some chapped Eastern Idaho-too much snow-winter knuckles going on there. Another reason to be happy for Spring! No more snow! WhooHoo!! :)

Lone Breumlund

Hi There.
I´m a woman from Denmark, with 3 girls and 1 boy. And I may say. I am totally in love with your designs. But how and where is it possible to buy it???
Love From Lone

julie huntsman

hi sandi
love your fabric line.. i too was wondering if you would be willing to share the craft store that the easter bunny got the finger puppets?? my dd would love them
thanks julie

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Those look like fun. I love coming here and am so glad you posted on MMfabric blog

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