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March 06, 2008



I am really falling in love with that fabric collection. I am going to try and find it this weekend when I run some 'errands' (a 2 hour trip to the fabric store and a 10 minute grocery run!)


I'm so glad I'm not the only who moves from a basement studio to a kitchen. In my case it's the dining room but the result is the same; a sunny place to work and a mess everywhere. :)


i loved seeing the picture of your sewing machines! i always wonder what people sew with and am often happily surprised to discover it's not what you would expect :D you are quite the talent Sandi!


yey... patterns are fun. I get super messy when I'm creating too... I think it's just part of the job... at least that's what I tell my family. haha.



You can draft patterns while the kids are awake?? My kids are older, and I STILL can't do that! lol And your pattern drafting mess looks a lot prettier than mine! :p


Just wanted to add...I am TOTALLY enjoying your playlist on the sidebar. A whole bunch of new songs for me, and a whole bunch of old favorites. :)


Aahh, THANK YOU for validating my creative messes! And my kiddos, for that matter. :)


Well my house looks like that all the time ;)

I just have to tell you I adore these fabrics. I'm having so much fun sewing with them!


Your fabric is absolutely beautiful. Hope it was ok to mention in my blog. I'm excited to see it in person!


All of the stacks of Ginger Blossom are so tantalizing! I find that I can be quite productive while the littles in my house completely gut one of their bedrooms. At least you have containment, they are happy, you are making progress on your project and it isn't that hard to clean up when you are finished with your work.


Such beautiful fabric! I want to scoop it all up and take it home...

The explosion in the bedroom looks like my kids' room when I'm writing.

Mama Urchin

I cannot wait to get my hands on those patterns.


You seriously are SUPERWOMAN! Jess and I were talking and we really can't figure out how you do it all?!? I want to be Sandi when I grow up!


I can't wait to see these patterns!!! I'm so excited! And now that I have a stash of Ginger Blossom, I'm unexplainably paralyzed and I'm afraid to cut it!It's too beautiful! I'm sure I'll get over that soon. Maybe I'm just waiting for the right pattern? hmmmmm.....

jen eskridge

I love the pattern authoring process, but I have never sewn ALL the sample sizes myself. What an undertaking. Very cool to see the elements. ~jen~

Kira =]

Ok, so my kids room looks like that ALL the time. What's my excuse? =]


Just found this blog, love it and your designs...now to get my hands on some fabric. braagh ha ha (trying the evil laugh for myself) :)

Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

I love reading your blog! also ever since I read the tutorial on shirmadness... I can't wait to try it!


I wish my kitchen table looked as yummy as yours! All that fabric stacked up looks like a delicious way to whip up some creativity!

Wendi Gratz

OK - I have a silly question. What does it mean when they go off to be "digitized and graded?" And where do they go off to for that mysterious process? I love seeing the insider's look at how the magic happens - thanks for sharing!

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