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March 20, 2008



Hi Sandi! I'd love to see sections on invisible zippers and piping, if that's in your plans. You are a busy bee, but it looks like you are having a lot of fun! Happy Easter!


what time did you write this? I might have been up...and unfortunately I'm up right now. Why do my kids insist on getting up so dang early?


I'm awaik.... and I feel that push too. Always more more more more to do! Patterns, website, sewing, testing.... I get it!

I'm so looking forward to your patterns!!

Take care,

Lindsey R

How to do lettuce edging! I can't find a tute anywhere. Happy Easter! Can't wait to see the finished patterns!


I love the "no dumb question"! Being a novice (read: no experience) sewer, I cannot wait for your new site.


P.S. How about a pattern/tutorial for that lovely scarf??? :)


Ooh yes, invisible zippers. I have done them, but they still give me anxiety! It would be nice to have a pretty tutorial to make me think that yes, I can (and have) done this!! :)

Long shot, but if you still need pattern testers, I'd love to volunteer!! I consider myself an experienced beginner, and love trying out new patterns!

Angela Meyer

Can't wait to see your website! I don't sew,(have every intention of learning! along with a bazillion other things!) but my mom does, so I'm always telling her to check out the new things on your site. Love everything you do, and showcase! My daughter turns three in September and will start preschool. I've already decided she will be wearing a pretty little Mariposa t-shirt! :)


Yay! New website with tutorials, very cool! I just came home last night with some LOVELY Ginger Blossom for a reversible apron I'm fixin' to make this weekend. Can't wait...it's SO pretty!

I'm with Nicole...if you need pattern testers, I'll wave my hand around in the hair!! I'd love to!


I'm so embarrassed...I don't even really know what this is called...I need some really good instruction on making your closing stitches invisible. Like, a whipstitch, but how do you do it where you can't see it at all??? Mine always end up looking like a 5yo sewed my edges shut :(


I would LOVE to be a pattern tester...I have 2 little girls...make that 3...a new 3 month old and we're always stitching up something.

As to sewing questions, I want to learn smocking, I've never made my own piping but would love a tutorial and how to cut bias strips.


Count me in for pattern testing too... I have two little girls... And we just love GINGER BLOSSOM... It's so beautiful! Another thing that might be nice to add to your website would be tools that make the job easier... like the bias tape maker that I just discovered on another's blog. WOW! Does that make the job EASY PEASY! No more hours, upon hours of ironing. Thanks for everything. Have a great EASTER!

Heidi Sargent

I love your blog! I am so excited for your patterns to be ready. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your projects. I don't know what I would have done this snowy winter without your fabrics, ideas, music, etc. to inspire me and keep me moving along with a smile. I'm excited for spring sewing with your patterns and fabrics! (& no more snow):)


Hi Sandi!

Loved your list! I'm a great list maker too, but my lists aren't quite as lengthy - whew! I hope you get it all done. And it looks like you and I live in the same area which I am super excited about. I'd love to help you make samples or test your patterns. I have quite a few years of sewing experience making quilts and bags and clothes for my girls. Email me and put me to work!


Hand sewing things shut where you've turned them out, like balls, etc....shoot, mine always look horrible!!! I'd definitely be up for pattern testing if you still need help, I'm getting ready to cut into my Ginger Blossom, if I can bear it! I've already used a little of it on some key fobs (LOVE the tortoise plaid!!!!), but I'm going to branch out into the tiles, dots, and whatever else calls its way into some aprons lol.


Since you asked... I'd love to know how to turn tiny straps (like in a little girls shirt) better! And how exactly does one "machine sew" a button on with a basic machine?? I look at the button, look at my machine, and scratch my head. I'm sure I'll think of more later, then forget what it was when I get back on the computer.

Helena B

you are an inspiration, keep it up girl!


I am so excited to see your new website! Sounds wonderfully tempting and full of inspiration already!


Hey girl...I told you I would help you out with sample sewing whenever you needed it...so that can be filed under number 7 of your list...lol.
Cant wait to see your website!


You crack me up! Go Tweaky!


It sounds like a really fun and cozy website. What a great idea! It will be a great resource for all of us gals (and the occasional guy too I suppose!). Keep tweaking away but don't make us wait too long!

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