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April 15, 2008



Was your necklace a special order? I didn't see it on her site...

That's not my question though. ;) I want to know how you find all of your awesome music. I always love the songs I hear when I visit your blog!

lisa leonard

Oh what lovely pictures! So beautiful!! To answer the above question...the mama necklace is a special design for mother's day and you can order it by emailing me at lisaleonarddesigns@gmail.com. I'll send a paypal link once I get the order. thanks a million!!!

Penny Sylvia

OK ... I'm in love with lisa's site and her stuff ... I've been a blog stalker of yours now for some time ... but this pushed me over the edge ... LOVE THEM!!! My life is crazy too and I could imagine having something so wonderfully pretty and simple ... thank you for sharing!



Sandi you are going to get me in trouble again! Are you my long lost sister, always going shopping just to show me the most wonderful things that I just HAVE to have?

Thanks for sharing Lisa's website! I saw something I would like for Mother's Day too!


Here is one question for you...WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO BEAR LAKE!!!!!!??????????? I miss my friend! Oh and also...How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Love you girl!


Oh I adore that necklace!!! I can't find it on her website though. I want to send a link to my husband as a HUGE hint for Mother's Day!!! LOVE IT!


A fabric designer huh . . . lifelong vision or lucky chance of fate?

Oh, and when might we get a glipse of your new line of fabric?


Well, my question is similar to Dana's I guess. I've wondered the same thing: Is this what you'd always planned to do or did this just sort of happen?

How do you even begin the process of designing fabric? (i.e. software, hand sketching, ??) Do you have a degree in textiles, fashion, etc.? I mean, I see all of these amazing women my age (or maybe a little bit younger) who are doing this and it makes me wonder how you all ended up on this particular endeavor??

By the way you desings and fabrics are brilliant!



I wanna go to bear lake too!!!

Can you take pictures of my kids too??? we only live like 2 hours away!



Thanks! I didn't know her website was up. I need to check it out. :o)

Hmmm questions...Ok here goes...

Fabric Design:
1.) Do you draw/sketch your designs on paper or Photoshop(or equivelant S/W) or do you sketch first and then transfer to computer? Which do you prefer(if you've tried both)?
2.) Do you work on more than one collection at the same time or just focus on one?
3.) How many fabric manufacturers did you submit your designs to and how long did it take to get a "yes"? Did you get alot of rejections or did you have to choose which manufacturer to go with?

What kind of camera do you use? (Sorry if this is answered somewhere already)
2.) Do you have any special lighting you use or is it all natural light?

Curly Hair:
1.)What products DO you use?
2.)Have you ever thought of getting your hair straightened? Or have you had it straightened in the past?
Which do you prefer, your hair long or short? (I like mine better looking long but it's sooo much easier to deal with short)

Hey, I had to take advantage of a Q & A day! teehee. I'll post another comment if I think of more. :oP


Hi Sandi!

Congratulations on all you happenings! It will be fun to see all your new goodies - hopefully sooner rather than later. =)

Questions - mine are mainly photography related.
1) What camera do you have?
2) How do you get your pictures so bright and crisp? Is that a photoshop trick or do they come out like that naturally?
3) Any special lighting you'd recommend?
4) Graphics - have you found any program easier to use than others? I have photoshop elements and am considering upgrading - but there are lots of choices!!

Thanks for letting us ask questions!!


~ Junkyard Jennifer

What a gorgeous necklace!

I just love your photography style, and it looks like my questions have already been asked by others. :)

~ Jennifer


I love this necklace, I am a sucker for hand stamped jewelry! Thanks for passing her site along!


Well, I JUST STARTED sewing little dresses and such for friends (I have three BOYS under 4!!!) and stumbled across this page the other day - I WAS HOOKED and totally inspired in a way I haven't been before. Thank you. I ordered my blossom fabric and now the question....
1. You mention in one of your blogs the advantages/need for getting a serger. I agree. I am not yet able to buy a $500 model. What are the MOST important features I should look for? I want to especially do ruffles. and trimmed edges.


Today I discovered your blog...now I need to rush out and get some fabric! I'm always so in awe of pattern/fabric designers.

Anyway, I love the music. It's a nice mix to keep me distracted at work!



Thanks so much for your inspiration! I love your work... Anyway, onto the question...
How do you balance home, children, design, creativeness, and church responsibilities?! :) Keep up the fantastic work!


Did you say extra points or extra fabric for the craziest question??
Here goes....Can I have your pig stapler?
Please pretty please ;)


Sandi,dear: I want to know the answers to most of the questions already asked and this please: How much time do you spend on this business- sewing, designing, blogging, interviews, the whole bit- each week? Average?
keep speakin' my truth:)


Hey Sandi,

here is the link to YCMT using your fabric!

My dress is the one on the right



matilda jane clothing

My questions would be, how did you get to be so nice? Is that learned or you were jsut born nice? What shampoo do you use to get your hair so shinny? How on earth do you have time to do all this? Do you have a little black book I could borrow? Lastly, what does it feel liek to be suck a superstar? Oh, one more, can we just move out there with you and be your appricentice? Maybe???

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