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April 29, 2008



Sandi, you will really love the move to Mac and Illustrator. The variable weight pen tool alone is worth it.

Tina in Boston

Thank you! I'm off to work, but I've printed this out. I have something nice to read on my way into work. I'll be taking the train, not driving, in case you're wondering! :) I am so happy about the covered fabric. I just bought a pattern last night that I wanted to use covered fabric for.

Meghan Cobble


I've never posted to you before, but I read you daily. I must say your blog is like a candy treat each morning that I fire up the computer and check my daily blogs...yours is one of the first I check. You words are so natural; your comments so happy and realistic, and your artwork, imagery, photography, designs....outstanding. I love your crisp, vibrant and uplifting outlook on life. I myself am a stay at home mom to 2 little boys. I wanted to thank you for such genuine posting and honesty in all that you report to us about your profession. It is definitely a dream job I have. I currently have a sewing business out of my home making custom purse, diaper bag, and baby accessory items for clients. It's been going for a year this May. I do all of my own designs and am like you said "smitten" with the art of creating. My post to you is UNBELIEVABLY LONG, but your energy, honesty, and optism, not to mention...never leaving out a single detail is truly inspiring to me! I am sure many people can say this! Thank you!!

p.s. I have to say my favorite thing to play when I was little was TG&Y Fabric Deaprtment...you may not even know this store (like a Fred's or a Wal-Mart, but ole school.) I would go into my mom's big armoir stash of fabric and pretend to cut yardage for customers and then arrange the fabric in rolls or fan arrays as shop displays...little girls and their dreams!!! Can you tell I like the details too????

Meghan :-)

Toni Coward

hi sandi,
just wondering what church you belong to?

Annie Cannon

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!!



Thanks for sharing so much wonderful information! Lot's to think about and digest!

Sandi Henderson

Hi Toni! I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. More commonly known as "LDS" or even more commonly known as Mormon.



This post was so informative! and inspiring! Thank you for sharing all your thoughts on the process of fabric design. I also know now that I need to stock up on Ginger Blossom before Farmers Market comes out so I can stock up on the new fabric too. Love your designs - thank you for being you!

Helena B

you are so sweet, thank you for that post, don't stay up so late!


Thanks Sandi! Although I'm feeling pretty bad you stayed up until 3 A.M to answer my questions! Hope you get more sleep tonight and good luck getting ready for market!


Thanks for answering our questions. I have lots of Ginger Blossom and look forward to seeing Farmer's Market.


Thanks so much for answering our questions. Can't wait to see Farmers Market! :o)


Nope, the Farmer's Market logo didn't satisfy me at all. I can't wait to see it! What an exciting year you've had - congratulations!


Hi Sandi,

Thanks for this Q&A. I love the craft world and really want to design fabric, too. I really think the scrapbook industry and fabric industry should get together more often. I find so many cute papers that I think, OH, I'd love to make a quilt out of that and then I'll find fabric, and think, oh my gosh, that would look so cute mod-podged onto a frame (granted, I can modpodge fabric, but it's not the same). I'm looking forward to the other posts!


Thanks for taking the time to give us all these great tips. The logo just made me more anxious to see the line!!!

Kay SnyderKay

Sandi as always you rock! I can't wait to see Farmer's Market, I'm intrigued by the logo. I want more


Hi Sandi,
You're going to love your Mac and Illustrator. There are capabilities of scanning original artwork into Photoshop and transferring to Illustrator as line art so you can manipulate it through points. Kind of complicated to figure out the first time but wonderful once you have it down. The first time I worked on a Mac it was like the cartoon light bulb experience. Love it!


Sandi, loved your faq answers! So fun and refreshing. I just got my first Ginger Blossom a few weeks ago and I just LOVE it! (I got the 1/2 yard bundle pack from Fabric.com with that great 20% coupon.) I'm not sure what I will make with it, but the possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see Farmer's Market (great name).


Hey girl! WOW! look at all your FAQs! You're a celebrity now. :) Can't wait for you to get your Mac and your Illustrator. Then we'll have all the same equipment and we can chat it up. LOL!!! You're gonna love it and you have done amazing work with the tools you have so far so I can't even imagine what you'll make next! Weeeeee! :) See ya soon!

Andrea  Larsen

Thanks so much for all the information you consistently give to would be fabric designers. It is nearly impossible to find a helping hand in this industry. You made my day with this. Any little bit helps!

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