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April 10, 2008



LOL! Too funny. :oP


Just checking in on one of my favorite designers "warts and all"!

Paula Prass

Lemon Tree Tales

That's too funny. Perhaps this first run of fabric will be collector's items because of the typo? :-)


Hmmm. I wonder what a warter lily would look like? Nothing like your beautiful lillies on your fabric for sure! ;)
I can't wait to see your quilt!


I had seen that and just kept forgetting to say something. And you're not off center to me. Must be your computer - I guess it's time for that Mac - eh? (Hey, I'm not Canadian.)

Mama Urchin


Joscelyne (Joscie) Cutchens

that is so funny! Did you know, the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooker of the Year is sewing her first quilt with Ginger Blossom? it's on her blog http://elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com/2008/04/where-is-spring.html


"warter" sounds very Texan to me - like something my step-dad would say. So if anyone asks you could always tell them that the line is partially-inspired by Texas sunsets (or something like that). lol


Oh my goodness, that's hillarious!


Isn't it ironic that we find these crazy things happen at 2am - I guess it's because we need a good laugh at that hour to stay awake! I'll be looking at the selvege first thing on your next fabric line :) Do we get to see this at Quilt Market? Are you bringing your quilt to display at market?


No off-center for me, and hilarious about your future "collectors item"! lol


That's actually excellent. It's the silly things that contribute such great memories. In a few decades, no one will remember the name of the color of a fabric, but they will for sure talk about the warter lily. Sounds like a great blog name should you ever have to start a new one... hmmm!

happy zombie

That is tooooo funny about the warts! I actually like typos like that (as long as they spell your name correctly!).

And I take back about what I said about your Uhaul being safe at my house. OMG... I wouldn't be able to control myself from unloading your delicious fabrics and hiding them in my house! I'm sooooo in LOVE with your WARTer Lily Sandi!!!




That is hilarious!


I just got my ginger blossom order and noticed that right away! but then you'd hope so since people actually pay me to edit their stuff :-). It's actually my favorite print and so I chalked it up to someone's (yours?) quirky sense of humor and liked it all the more for it! (maybe theres a frog or toad hiding in there somewhere)


Oh, can't wait to see your quilt Sandi! I'm sure it's going to be heavenly :)


I have loved that fabric since the debut and I was one of the ones on the ebay launch - I used that fabric and I never even noticed the "warts" either. I guess when you are so in love with something, it just doesn't matter! Love is blind!
I can hardly wait for the next debuts of fabric and patterns - you are awesome!


Funny to read this post just now as I'm actually catching up on some blog reading before I fly away from the press check I've been at for 3 days (I work at a magazine). This is the kind of thing that would eat my lunch the whole flight back if I weren't so used to there being at least (and I mean at least) one thing that slips under everyone's radar every issue, every time.

Warter? I thought it was a dialect thing.


I just love little "flubs" like this (and this one was perfect!). It gives it a good story.

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