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May 08, 2008



Love it! I personally like patterns printed both ways, too. I like the white paper so I don't have to be quite so fragile with the tissue, but the tissue is so much easier to attach directly to the fabric. Is having both an option? If not, I suggest white paper so we can trace it onto regular old tissue paper and use the patterns over and over.

Good luck with Quilt Market!


Love love love the white paper. Can't wait to see them!!


I like the white paper too! I am always tearing the tissue! I can't wait to see the fabrics! Lots of luck at Market!


I'm so excited to be going to Quilt Market. It's my first time and I'm looking forward to seeing your new fabrics and patterns.


Already have to have the sneak peak print. Apples, right????? FABULOUS!!!!

Lemon Tree Tami

How exciting for you ... you'll take pictures of what your booth looks like to show us, right?

I vote for white paper .. it's less fragile than the tissue paper and much easier to refold and replace in the plastic pattern sleeve.


my vote is for white paper too. Thanks for the sneak peeks, can't wait to see the rest!


How fun to hear that things are coming together! I love the sneak peak!!! So excited about that as I was needing more fabric!!! ;) For patterns I have to admit that I really like the white paper, thanks for surveying! Happy Quilt Market to You!


really prefer white paper. thanks sandi, enjoy Market!


Definately white paper...much stronger. Sandi, what a tease you are...can't wait for the 'official' unveiling, this stuff looks good enough to eat. ;)


White paper please.

Can't wait for Monday!


White paper! I ALWAYS tear the tissue paper! My lines look so much better with white paper.


white paper please!! (I think anyone who is into sewing enough to buy these kinds of patterns is tracing already anyway.)


I would go for the white paper too. I LOVE the sneak peak, it looks totally "my style" - looking so much forward to seeing the rest of it! ;o) Have fun at the Quilt Market!


PLEEEEEEEEASE patterns on white pper. Would rather trace and have a sturdy original! Wish I could see your booth at market. Take lots of pics and share with us please! Good luck!


Definitely white paper!


What a gorgeous fabric tease, I am a sucker for a fun fruit pattern! Good luck at market!


White paper please! I can do both but prefer white paper. The sneak peaks are so fun...I can't wait for more.



I LOVED the sneak peek! Just that little bit looks AMAZING! Good luck to you next week...I know it's going to be a smashing success!


Christy   sewyourheartout

Wish I could be there!! I like the white paper myself. Can't wait.

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