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May 30, 2008



To be without your camera is soooo sad! I think I would be lost =) Love the tourist photos!

Dena Berg (sugar shop)

Ooh I feel for you being without your camera. Beautiful photos, my goodness... and I need more time in my life, I have barely found the time to play with the entire line of Ginger Blossom that I bought now, you come out with Farmers Market! Aaaackk! It's too much goodness I am having overload. :)


You know I can't wait to get my hands on those patterns :-)


You are so lucky to be looking at Oregon for a place to live. I grew up in beautiful British Columbia Canada and those pictures remind me of Vancouver BC. I got married and was moved to the mid-west - Chicago - which has got lots to do if you must live in the mid-west but for a girl raised in the west my soul longs for the smell of a pine tree again and I wish I could see mountains out my window. Still I'm glad someone gets to live there.


It is a really particularly green spring here this year. I cannot believe the amazing growth in my garden and people's lawns are positively glowing this year. I complained and complained about all this rain we have had but it has resulted in a really beautiful spring here in Portland.




Oh my goodness, those are some gorgeous pictures Sandy! Thats the only bad thing about flying in- not being able to really see the area.

It was so fun to chat with you at Market. Fun to meet another hard working mom I have so much in common with! Keep up the great work girl, you are amazing!


Gorgeous Multnomah Falls! A favorite destination when I lived in Oregon. Powell's Bookstore was another!


the picture with the bit of bridge is really pretty :)


We've gone to the coast of Oregon twice on vacation and I'd LOVE to live there! I can't wait to see where you land.


You make beautiful photos!
Kind regards

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands


You have a beautiful blog!
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands


oh my gosh, Sandi. That second-to-last picture there with the glimpse of the bridge is gorgeous. I can't believe places like that exist in real life. Beautiful picture.

Kim McBirnie

Hi Sandi, can't wait to see your patterns! I will have to look up that book; I have that kind of conversation with people at work all the time. I'll be sat in the canteen reading and someone will ask me what I'm reading, what is it about.........oh, how my heart sinks! I don't know if you've ever read it, but Sunshine by Robin McKinley is excellent.
Love the pictures by the by, all the rain / sun mix we're having in the UK at the moment is having the same lush effect. Sure you don't fancy moving over here? Could do with some crafting contacts in the UK!
Kim xx


Patiently waiting for the debut of the patterns! And your pictures are just breathtaking. Especially that one with the bridge. It's so good it doesn't look real!

Jean C.

Wherever you land in Oregon, you will need to get to Eugene during the Summer/Fall time. They have a great local market they call Saturday's Market in downtown Eugene. Eugene isn't that big... but this is great because all the local crafters/farmers show up and sell their wares/food. Really down to earth people too.
When we go visit family (my folks/brother's family) I like to get Christmas presents there.
Lots to see at the coast too... go to Moe's to eat if you like Sea Food! Also Astoria is a great place to visit... a few movies have been made there... Kindergarten Cop, Goonies. Anyway, I'm envious of you. We moved from Oregon in 1984... sighhhh... to Utah (which also has some beautiful country!) but it's just not as green! So, I have to visit family and get my tree/ocean fix when I can.


i feel like a stalker now. been checkin in since your last post to find no updates on patterns. going nutso here. ahhhhhhhhh

Heidi S.

Beautiful pictures, especially Multnomah Falls. I was born and raised in Multnomah County - it's so green and beautiful there. I've been telling my family that the weather here in Idaho Falls the past two weeks is just like what I grew up with in Oregon, rainy and overcast. Guess it's all for your benefit getting you used to this type of weather before you move! Don't forget to check out the Portland Rose Festival and definately the coast!

Heidi S.


Hi Sandi
It was great to meet you at market and chat for a little bit. I got some of your fabrics at spree and my daughter and I have been playing with them. Great job....keep it up. Awesome photos! I agree with Camille...flying in is no fun.

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I've never been, but Oregon looks beautiful!

Thank you so much for your response on the red paint! It's perfect.

Since the Typepad change, my pictures are posting but they're looking a teensy weensy bit glitched or blurry. They're definitely off. But there have been plenty of other things I've been having trouble with when posting. I sure hope they get things figured out soon!

~ Jennifer

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