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May 08, 2008



Hmmm...they are NOTHING like the characters I had pictured in my head! I visualized Edward much more sophisticated and polished looking...and closer to my age! LOL!


Ooohhh...what fun!

Lemon Tree Tami

Hmm, I'm not sure if that's how I would have pictured Edward. I'll still go and see the movie because Calamity Kim got me hooked on the book series. I still need to read the third but I didn't want to rush it. :-)


Oh my. I'm a wuss, lol! That gives me the heebie jeebies. :)


I'm not a vampire fan at all. When I found out the Amazon Kindle was in stock that book did catch my eye when I viewed children's chapter books, so I might just give it a try. I would not dare bring a Harry Potter book in my home for many years, but when I gave it try and read the first chapter I was hooked. I'm sure Twilight is just as good.

I can't buy the Kindle for a week or two, hopefully it won't go back on wait list.


Oh, I knew I liked you before, but you've now truly won my heart. :) I've watched the same video 10 times as well but I wasn't as brave to admit it. LOL. Now I feel free and liberated. I think I need to blog about it soon! I ran into this post while I was surfing one day and I think she hit in on the head for me. She calls it 'crackliture' because it's so addicting like crack. :) http://theromerodiaries.blogspot.com/2008/04/crackliture.html
Love a fellow twilight lover! Hope to see you at Market.


that takes me back to my teen years**


Oh my gosh i think i've watched this trailer like 12 times! I can't get enough i already cursed erin for sending me the site to check out the trailer...I didn't think ol cedric would do edward justice...but i think im definately converted...love it!!!!!


LOL!!! glad you found the link! I keep watching it too. Trying to catch something new I didn't before! I will definately be at the theater on dec 12th!

Andrea  Larsen

So glad I'm not the only one totally hooked! I can't wait till the new book in August!

jennifer daniel

Well, that is definately not how I pictured Edward. But I am very pleased to know that there are other adults out there who will admit they like these books. I loved them! The teenagers at church that I help with always ask if I am a vampire or werewolf fan? I am an Edward fan:)
Also, I sell your BEAUTIFUL fabrics online at www.stores.ebay.com/ItsSewSweet. Looking forward to your new line!

jennifer daniel

Here is a fabric link

LoveMeKnot Creations

ohhhh i just read that book! yay I'm so excited for the movie now!


Dang, Sandi! You've got me reading my 16-year-old's copy of the book now -- and I know we will be fighting for possession soon. When ho told me about it, I wasn't sure I wanted him to read it - but I figured since it was written by a BYU grad, it couldn't be that bad.
I sat down to read and came out of my trance 4 chapters later. I've gotta finish Market quilts and all I want to do now is read!
Have a great time at Market!


SO excited for this movie. Really.Very.Excited! If you want to get sucked into another book, go get The Host. I read it in 2 sittings and less than 24 hours. So good. I think I even liked it better than Twilight. Good stuff. :)


Ohhh, thanks for the trailer, I LOVE this series of books! I am rereading them again in prep for the new one that will be released in August!! Oh, and on a side note, I love, love, love your fabric design, just so perfect!!


SO glad I'm not the only one. I'm terribly excited too.


Oh yes, my husband and I are reading it together!

Edward is not what I imagined either and Belle seems more scared and cautious in the trailer, but I invisioned her more sarcastic and strong.


can't WAIT until these fabrics are out!
I want to play!!

Amelia Wernecke

I'm an addict too!!

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