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June 30, 2008



These boxes are fabulous! i can't wait to get my hands on the Farmer's Market fabric. I am doing my daughter's room in your Farmer's Market fabric and have been waiting impatiently for it! I can't email you from your page is there any way your could email me some links to buy it? I looked on Etsy but I am not finding the blue with cherries and a few others. Thank you for your fun and fabulous fabrics! You are a constant inspiration to me.


exciting! when can you come and play?


That is so awesome that you linked to etsy! As a seller on etsy I always love to see people linking to it! There are so many amazing shops on etsy!! LOVE the fabric and I can't wait to get some!


*Gasp* Those are SOOO cute! Awesome!

ellen Crimi-Trent

these came out great! I tell you the best crafts do come out when you least expect it! I remember around Christmas time I did a felt snowman ornament for my boys and now it will be featured in BHG Holiday crafts issue!! I nearly laughed out loud when they asked to use it, since I was just playing with felt and having fun. So maybe they will make some boxes out of your fabric next!

lynn whelan

those look great! what colors did you do the insides?

i have another question too, about those mannequins? i need something like that for displaying and photoing some necklaces i make and sell on Etsy. i love the look of the ones out of muslin or linen, and those look smallish. have any suggestions where i may find some for sale (and inexpensive)?


sarah jane

OH, I can't get over how gorgeous and colorful! I need more color in my studio...and I have just the idea:)


Thanks for sharing the project, as well as the Etsy link. Those hat boxes sure are cute!

Btw...I love the shade of blue on your walls. That is the EXACT shade I would like to paint my bedroom! (So if you feel like sharing paint info...lol.)


The boxes are gorgeous! I might have to attempt a few of those. They would add some cheeriness to any room. :D

Kay Snyder

Love the boxes, you did that while not paying attention??? YOU have got a craftiness about you, I'd have a mess, lol!


Thank you so much for the links to your fabric I have already placed my order.


Oh, I LOVE those ... they are darling! What a great idea - and it's one I, a not-crafty person, could do! Your fabrics are simply beautiful, by the way. : )


I just love those boxes! I went to my mailbox today and found a big package of the new farmers market! It is so beautiful. Once I get the 2 little bugs in bed I'm off to sew with them.


Love the hat boxes! I can't wait until my craft room is ready to be decorated - I'm loving your fabrics!!!


I love those Sandi! They look so professionally done...ooops- you are a professional:)!


YAY! I love that they're cropping up! If you're going to play with Jess, I wanna too. How bout you gals take a road trip and come see me! Ok, fine. I'll come see you! We'll be in the area around the 24th. Let's get together yah yah yah!


I have been waiting impatiently for these! Congratulations on a gorgeous range fo fabric!


I can't wait to see those new fabrics in the stores. I gave your blog an award tonight. Go to my blog and read about it in today's post. :D


The fabrics are Gorgeous! Thanks for the Easy craft idea :)


I'm a huge fan of old hat boxes, but never thought to give them a contemporary look with cool fabric. Thanks for showing these. I can't wait to do my own!

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