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June 18, 2008



I LOVE the photos with the skirt and bag the most in focus. (the ones with the logo). I can't wait till the patterns are available for purchase. This has been just what I am looking for. I just started sewing and have been having a tough time translating other patterns. Good Luck with your ventures!


Great photos of a great looking bag. I don't make bags but might consider making this one. When will the pattern be available?

Amanda M.

I too love the ones you've picked so far with the logos on them - the one with the partial face, too! Your friend Erin is pretty and looks like she's havin' fun, but my focus shifts to "person" rather than "bag" when she is fully in the frame. That's why the partial-shot of her face with the bag works too. So.....I'd say you've already found your winners! :)


Hmmmm... tough decision. I like the first one in shades of pink, but the second is my favorite. What I like about the jeans picture is that I see it and think - hey, that's me in my every day life. Huh, that bag is pretty cute!


What a great bag - both styles are great, and of course, the new fabrics they are modeled in. I love the pictures with the logos the best. Love Erin's shoes with the flower on the toe. This is so exciting!


OK my vote is for the second picture - the one of the green gathered version. It immediately caught my eye and it looks so different than most bags out there right now. So cute - glad to hear you are ok. I was getting worried since you hadn't posted in a while!

Mama Urchin

I love the gathered bag, I am not a bag pattern buyer but I love how that one looks. I like the last photo with the orange and yellow apples for the cover.


I love the last one with the logo. The bag really "pops" and the shoes are TDF!!



The new purse pattern is very cute! I love the gathered version. I like the first and second photo. Cant wait to see whats next.


I'm a great fan of yours (even if I never left a comment before), love your fabrics (still can't find them in Montreal, darn...), your sewing, the photographs you take. All three photos are great, number 2 is probably the most interesting, but my heart goes to number 1 because of the bright colors :-)


I like the last one with the logo. The bag really stands out and it would make me pick up the pattern.

Amber K.

All the pictures look great dear friend! But for a cover, my vote is for the last one- the orange and yellow bag. Just because the bag is bright and in sharp focus while the skirt and Erin are a little fuzzy. It makes the bag really pop. It would catch my eye in a shop. :)


Oh, I'm torn between the first two potential covers. Both are great and quite eye catching.


Okay, I vote for the third option ..... because I want those shoes that Erin is wearing!


Great photos but definitely the first one!!!
Yep!! I'm positive;) So pretty!!

Marianne Johnson

I like the last one with the logo. The bag really stands out.

ellen Crimi-Trent

I like the last one the best, but I am wondering if a photo shoot at a farmers market would be great. After all they are market bags! He He!

Rachel Albertsen

Will your fabrics be available through your website? I'm having a hard time finding them in local shops but have a huge crush on most of them with swirling ideas for quilts, which is what I mostly do. I can't wait for the new stuff to be available. Great designs! Thanks.

Debbie Miller

Oh my- one's cuter than the next! Tough pick, but I say #1 should be the cover! :)


I am so glad to hear you and your family are doing good and are coping well.

They all look great! Can't wait to see more pictures of the gathered bag!


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