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June 06, 2008


Mellissa - wondermommy

I'm so excited about your patterns. The color booklets sound wonderful. I usually hate pattern illustrations. I can't wait until I can get my hands on your patterns. I love these ruffle pants.


I can tell already I'm going to be buying every single pattern! Love it!


Those ruffle pants! OMGosh! I need a granddaughter.


ooh, thanks for reminding me Sandi!!! I have my order written up...show the cupcake next ;)


I think it is absolutely fantastic to have patterns in booklet format. I'm a big fan of patterns in e-book format b/c of the pics and I'm so excited to see your new patterns. I love that this is a basic pants style with several variations. Thanks for allowing items made from your patterns for re-sale by home sewers-awesome awesome!


I can not wait to get my hands on these patterns and dress my grand daughter in them. I'm sure I'll have to have one of each of your patterns. Love the booklet form pattern!

Heather Roe

I will be the first in line to get my hand on each one of your precious patterns. I can't wait to see more!

By the way...tell me that HUGE pink lollipop didnt go to waste just because it got a little dirt on it?

Andrea T. :)

This is so exciting ... great news for a Friday!!! Those pictures are amazing and if your pattern is anything like this site and your work, they will be nothing short of abundant creative inspiration!! And can I just say thank you so much for your generosity in letting us "at home sewers" use these patterns to create lovelies for others.

Happy Day!


OK. You sold me by the time I saw the first picture. Beautiful clothes and photography and especially cute modeling. I'm ready to place an order and get to sewing! Is a ruffler foot for the sewing machine needed to make the ruffles?

Sandi Henderson

Good Question!

I am writing them assuming that the sewer does not have a ruffler foot. And actually I think you have more control by doing it manually.



I am really looking forward to getting my hands on these for the Trendy Textiles launch! They are gorgeous!


Love it, can't wait to order, can't wait to make, can't wait to see my girls wearing them. ADORABLE, as my oldest daughter said!


I didn't know you were allowing them to made by ALL home sewers - good for you! p.s thanks for coming by on Wednesday! Craft day was a success!


Yay! These are so cute! I can't wait to buy the patterns. I hope you don't mind but I linked to this post on my blog, on the off chance some of my readers don't read your blog (highly unlikely!) :-)

Amanda M.

Congrats on the patterns! I love the ruffle pants - can't wait till they are available for individual sale! (oh, to be a kid again and wear them myself!) :)

Love your fabrics too - Thanks for your so-inspiring creativity! :)

Amy H.

Love the fabric and patterns! Beautiful colors...Can't wait to get my hands on your cupcake pin cushion patterns!


Ok - I'm such a dork. As soon as I saw this title on my feed, I started saying yeah, yeah to myself. Out loud!
I am sooo excited for your patterns - and it sounds like they are the Perfect patterns for me - in technicolor :-)
Can't wait to order (but no pressure!)!!


Love this first pattern. Oh I need to find some little girls to sew for :D Thanks for the clearance for home sewers. That is awesome. I am itching for the Farmer's Market. When will it be in stores?


I think it looks fantastic, and I love the way you describe how you're making them - with photos. I'm also a very visual person! And finally I think it's great of you to allow home sewers to sell stuff made with your patterns - truly a model for others to follow! :)


Oh, MAN, where were you when I needed you!! I am SOOO visual, and would have DIED for patterns like that!! Brilliant!

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