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July 01, 2008



Great interview! And now, when I dry some apricots next month I'll have to try one with sea salt. Just because you like it that way. Who knows? I might have a new thing to make my kids crazy about! Woot!


Please do a tutorial for the fabric lanterns! I would love to make them for my backyard this summer!


Oh, I can't wait for the tutorial. Those are way too cute!


How fun! I'm wanting ideas for lighting for my son's playroom and I think these would be so cool clustered together in varying heights in the corner with a few beanbags and pillows piled high as a reading nook!

Oh and one more thing...do you use any special actions for your pictures or do you just tweak just a tiny bit? Just curious.


Sandi, I so enjoyed reading your interview. Your answers were interesting and inspiring!

The fabric lanterns are gorgeous, by the way.


I loved reading that interview, Sandi! Thanks for doing it and thanks for posting it.
I am psyched about the line of boy fabrics! I actually considered getting into fabric design recently because there are very few cute boy fabrics. I love sewing clothes, but I have a little boy. It seems sewing fabric and patterns are all for girls. Do people not sew for boys or is there just a gap in the market??? Kudos to you for taking a stab at it! Can't wait to see 'em!


Oh, I love those! Please do a tutorial. Love 'em.


I can't wait to make those cute lanterns with my NEW farmers market fabric - yay! Thanks for sharing that interview - always fun to learn more about you and your background.

Andrea  Larsen

I have a confession to make. I sometimes turn to your blog just to hear the music! loved the interview


I LOVE the fabric laterns! A tutorial would be awesome!


How COOL! Perfect for a summer party!


I for one, am dying for a tutorial!


Sandi - you were so much fun to interview. Your honesty, humor, incredible talent and down to Earth nature is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for doing the interview...oh and I totally tune in for the music AND the amazing fabric!

Laura Gunn

These really are cute! What a clever way to show off your charming fabric.

v &co

i canNOT wait for the tutorial!


I will patiently wait at the edge f my seat for the pattern for these lanterns...perfect for my 40th birthday party that I am giving myself!


I love the lanterns!

I've been wanting to make some for myself, but I havent been able to find lampshades in the cylinder shape? Do you have any suggestions?



Looking forward to the tutorial! I can just envision those hanging in my ginger blossomed daughter's room!


I can't wait for the tutorial. I just LOVED them (and everything else) when visiting your booth in Portland. Thanks in advance!


Great interview!
I love this line
"It is truly one of the happiest times that I can remember-having nothing else to do but hang with my kid all day and craft for her."
That is beautiful!
I allow my teenage daughter to draw and paint on her walls-I think it's good for her to have that space to just let creativity happen, maybe I should try it myself...

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