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July 25, 2008



Gorgeous roses Sandi! Thanks for the tutorial.


What fabulous roses. Thank you SO much!


I wondered what happened to you. Busy is good, better than being sick!!! Thanks for the tutorial. I want to make one for a purse I have in the works. :D


Yay, nice to hear from you again. :) I love that you have so much help from your man--you have fun on that date!

Kira =]

Oh so envious of your 5 hr date! One day we'll get to be gone more than 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Enjoy & have fun! =]

Katie D

Great to hear from you Sandi! The roses are adorable. Off to check out the tute. Have fun on your date!!!

Katie D

I just had to leave another comment to say how fabulous your tutorial is! It is so pretty and bright!


oh there you are - nice to see you again! I was just about to ask. Have fun tonight!


WOW, the day just got a little brighter:) Been wondering where you were hiding, but I knew it meant you were busy and that just means more fun for us:) I can hardly wait for your patterns!! Thanks for your beautiful, inspiring work!


Thank you for that tutorial - the roses are pretty and it's all so prettily presented that I can't wait to get hold of one of your patterns! No pressure ;-)


Great tutorial! Did you want to know you missed the 'm' in embellishment; the 2nd last word? Enjoy your night!


Three cheers for Dustin! There is no replacement for a wonderful partner. I hope the two of you had fun on your date. We had a date last weekend for the first time in I don't know how long and when you don't do them regularly you sort of forget how important time with your spouse is.


Thank you! These will be excellent on aprons and my daughter's headbands.

Yeah, Sandi!


Thank you sooo much for sharing your tutorial with us. I certainly do appreciate it - plus I love love love anything flowers. Have a great date!! LindaSonia

Elizabeth K

Wow. That's exactly how I've felt lately. Indoors. Working. Kids. Working. It was nice to go to Idaho the past couple days!! Wish we could have met up for lunch!!! :)

I am {drooling} over the Farmers Market line!! I need to get my hands on that gorgeous fabric asap!!


Cute roses! I tried to open the tutorial several times and it won't open. I'll check back tomorrow.


Amazing as always. You make the most beautiful things. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

Hope you had a wonderful date night.

Kelly Fletcher

Your roses are gorgeous - well made.


These would make really cute napkin rings!


I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things you working on!

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