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July 31, 2008



I'd read the book. I don't follow that series, but other times if I wasn't reading that book at that instant, I really couldn't do anything else, anyway. So ENJOY!

ellen Crimi-Trent

I have not done this in awhile so thanks for the tutorial!! Today I had my 100th post!! So its a giveaway day!!


Ashley Clayton

Oh My Goodness! I hear what you are saying about sticking to your inner rules and agreements, but... READ THE BOOK!!!!

I am getting it at midnight at Barnes and Noble and I am going to try to not stay up all night reading it.

You work hard, you deserve it!

Ashley (former blog lurker and no-where-near-teen reader of teenage vampire fiction)


READ THE BOOK!!!! That is what I will be doing! I just can't wait! You deserve it - take a break! It will be worth it in the end. I've told my husband to not even bother trying to talk to me on Saturday and that he is in charge of the kids!


Uhmmm I have so many projects to finish tooo. I am super excited to get my projects done and I love seeing my finished product. But who am I kidding I have pre-ordered Breaking Dawn as well @ Borders for a whopping 13.79 and it will be ready to be picked up tomorrow @ midnight. I can't wait. Ps it is good to know I am not the only one who is not a teen lovin' these books :)


We give you permission to take time out to read the book. It looks very good, so enjoy! And thank you for another great tutorial.


I vote read the book.

I'm late to the Twilight mania that's been going on. I've already read Twilight and New Moon this week. And I'm about 3/4s of the way through Eclipse. I should be finished sometime tomorrow. So I hope I can talk my husband into stopping by the bookstore on his way home from work. Lucky for me, he works 2nd and gets off around 11:30.

This isn't my favorite series, but I still want to know what's going to happen.

Natalie Edwards

Oh Sandi I am right there with you girl. I have the exact same dilema. I am moving a week from today. Now, this summer has been a very big one for me. On Monday I finished up the rest of my classes and I have now finished my Associates degree which might not sound like much. But for me it is HUGE!!!!! I am go staying up and getting the book at Midnight. But now here is the thing...do I act like an adult and realize that I really need to be focusing on paking am moving my family from San Francisco to Birmingham, AL or, do I just indulge and read the book and not care that it will put me behind on packing???? That is my big dilema. So, if you have any advice for me please share.

I hope that you enjoy the book...you deserve it.



It is too bad you are not in Utah because my quilt shop owner friend is having a Twilight party Friday night. It has a cover charge, but you get your book at midnight when the party ends, not to mention every one gets a prize. I just quilted three "Twilight" quilts for prizes, and I know there are aprons, purses, bracelets, etc....Did I mention that I live two hours away from the party, and I don't get to go? :(

Dawn Dee

Are you kidding??? Read the book! My daughter and I are crazy about this series! Whaoo! Oh, and thanks for another great tutorial.


I love your tutorial, but wish that you'd consider the following regarding your piping: if you stitch as close to the cord as you can when you're making the piping, then it is difficult to hide the stitches when you stitch it into the project. Better to set the needle a little bit away when making the piping, and then snug up to the cord when you're inserting it into the garment or project!


Read, girl! You'll be more focused to complete your secret-agent woman projects if you give yourself time to stretch, relax and engross yourself in something entirely different. Enjoy! As for myself, daughter #2 has requested a flouncy skirt (2 ruffles please!) made from none other than the Farmer's Market line by one of my favorite designers (wink!) And I hope to squeeze in just one more showing of Mama Mia! Love it! Go get your book!


Sandi you are so great! I admire your discipline in even considering not reading the book. Kick your feet up and read that book! And thanks for the great new tutorials, you are so generous even amid all your busy-ness. Thank you for keeping the inspiration flowing!

sara's art house

I just found your blog and LOVE your style. Beautiful. Gorgeous colors and patterns all blended beautifully :)


When faced with options, I myself say, "Hey, I'm the boss of me!!!" It doesn't help me make a better choice, I just like saying it.

It takes me months to read a book, so I'm still imagining how you could read one that quickly. xoxo


OH Sandi! I will be devouring the book this weekend as well! I can't imagine waiting knowing the entire rest of the world is reading it and I am not! ;)

hugs sweets!


ok seriously....we are self employed for a reason, right? you totally deserve the little break. take it and enjoy the fact that you didn't have to get permission from anyone but you!


Good for you - read the book! I'm getting my copy at midnight, promptly reading it, and then road-tripping to Chicago with a friend on Tuesday for the Stephanie Meyer book signing/concert.

Jodi Allen

AK! so torn....
but i would have to say, ENDULGE! and read to your hearts content!!! Sounds like you will have PLENTY of time to finish up said projects durring the rest of the weekend! How could you NoT pick up Breaking Dawn, just knowing that the rest of the world will have it in their hot lil' hands(if your a Jacob fan)Ü with nose insterted!... HAHA! *squeeeel*!! Ü


I would read it if I had it *sobs* I just finished the last one, I'm a bit slow on the uptake as I don't buy hardcovers so I have to fight the masses at the library.

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