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July 29, 2008



Oh my goodness! That was funny!


That's the funniest thing I've seen in looonnnngggg time! Thanks, I needed that!


I was totally crying when he got to Ice Ice Baby, I just LOST it from then on! Thanks so much for sharing, I needed that today!

ellen Crimi-Trent

that is the total best!!!! all the music of my life I swear, from my childhood watching the brady bunch and a young adult of the 80's!!
Thanks I love it, made me have a nice break from designing!!

Susan Elliott

Thanks for that! I loved it!

Brenda Mercado

OMG, that was way too funny. According to the tittle I must be as old as music itself because I can sing all of those tunes. Dancing? Not so much! LOL! Thanks for sharing that, it was fun! B=)


I take a break between putting kids in bed and going to work for the night..."pulling 2nd shift" in the sewing room! lol
That was a great watch for a break! I was laughing and happy to hear all those songs I used to jam out to! :)

Becca Cleary

LOL!!! I'm so glad you posted this! I grabbed it from someone on the USS Abraham Lincoln support group because it gave me such a laugh! What better way to celebrate a special date for my family quickly arriving then to have joy snowballing through the blogsphere?!!
Take care!!!

Lindsey R.

Isn't that hilarious! I love watching over and over, cracks me up every time!


Wow! I am old! That guy is hilarious! And I can show it to the kids. I had been letting them watch So You Think You Can Dance and it is not exactly rated G so no more of that. Thanks for sharing!


LOTS of fun...I have a 20-year old son who share his great you-tube finds with me.

Miss Mona

That video takes you back, doesn't it? He nailed every dance, too. Btw, your first song on your play list plays at mega speed??? (shrugging shoulders)


Don't ya love that one! My kids introduced me to that video a while back. We watched it over and over. LOL.


Funny you posted this. My husband made me watch it a few nights ago! He's always finding funny videos on You Tube. Pretty funny video.

Shealynn Benner

That was hilarious! Glad I took the 6 minutes to watch it. Worth every second. ;)


That was just what I needed in my BLAH afternoon. It made me smile and laugh - just what I needed. Thanks


I love this, the funniest thing I ever watch is some silly dancing.....that scene from the movie Hitch when they are dancing....have watched it 30 times at least and it is always just as funny.
Thanks for making my day!


That is too funny!!!

Isn't Becca's blog sweet?

Eva Taylor/freshandvintage

Oh Sandi--this one's funny. I first saw it several months ago and crack up very time. Saw him on Oprah last season--too funny :) Hugs, Eva

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