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July 07, 2008



I just don't see a single thing wrong with a kid enjoying his own nudity. A kid should get to enjoy the time before he feels weird about his nudity or body. Too bad we can't all stroll over to the neighbor's yard sans clothes. Well, maybe that is not too bad...


hooray - I'm so glad you hired someone to help! Maybe you will have time to play now...maybe.


Gosh, what's wrong with your neighbor? I think that's adorable. And normal. My mom said when I was his age it was all she could do to keep me from running to the neighbor house naked!


Hee, hee...that is the cutest!!


UM yeah whats wrong with her ...hes a little boy ..he SHOULD be getting nakked sometimes , and as mothers we all should laugh ! Its BEYOND adorable . I love when my kid streaks by nude ! I would find it totally CHARMING to have my kid brought home like that .


nikki Spreen

I LOVE it!! That is hysterical!


way too funny! I just know that's what's going to happen in a year or so with my son!

glad to hear that you hired an assistant! I bet your sis will help out a bunch!

marlo knox

Love it!! He's feeling free. Don't we all need that once in a while. Too cute. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.


This story is too funny and cute. Hope your neighbor was able to appreciate the humor in it eventually. Hope you are feeling better and YEAH on the assistant! If it couldn't be me it might as well be your sister. I mean Pepper Pots.


Conga-Rats Pepper Pots! Way to go.

I say leave the boy naked. He should do it while he can. In a few years, I would probably keep my cat indoors, but he's having a jolly good time now. :) In fact, I might make it a point for him to wander over there naked more often. Serves her right. :)

Can't wait to see the new site!

Kim McBirnie

Oh Sandi - what a brilliant photo - boo to your neighbour if she can't appreciate all that boyish charm! I've gotta say, your baby is starting to grow up - look how much he's changed since the last batch of pics! My little boy was eight last month, and he still gets all giggly when running around in the all-together - and why not, we all spend far far too long as serious grown ups! (Apart from when we drink margerita's, but that was only one weekend and the neighbours were away. I'll say no more.)
Kim xx


Giggle, giggle! I'm so sorry your neighbour didn't see the funny side of it! Move to Adelaide, Astralia - we're nice that way ;)


I oh so needed a dash of hilarity this morning! As a mother of 5 I truly appreciate the humor in this one! Cheers to motherhood, cheers to the innocence of childhood! And what would life be like if we didn't put dad in charge every now and again!


SOOOOOO funny!! my bubs used to do that out in the yard all the time, remember we live out 'in the middle of nowhere'. (as the kids call it) honestly, that's how i potty trained him, we just let him run the place. (outside only, of course. when he came inside, the unders had to be on. ) the only neighbors we have within 2 miles are all family so they would just laugh at me when they came up and happened to catch him. now, he won't come out of his room without shorts on if someone is here.

so excited to hear that you've asked for assistance. we can sometimes be hard on ourselves by overdoing and not reaching out for help. i hope it takes some burdens off of your shoulders and allows you to truly enjoy your harvests of all the hard work in sowing of your business(es). you are an inspiration to me.....some days i count myself blessed just because i'm able to get out of bed and get showered. someday, maybe i'll feel more content with my situation........you are a true role model.
thanks for doing what you do!

kristine hanson

oh I got a little guy about the same age, they would look so cute together naked, his 4 1/2 year old sister does the same, better them than me!!

Sarah Jane

Oh this is nothing to be embarrassed about at all! At least it happens to me all the time...my kids prefer to be in their birthday suits! Great photoshop editing! Hilarious! And...congrats on getting help. I had some help for a while, and oh it made all the difference. I am back in the battle of trying to find the balance, but I hope to figure it out soon! So lucky you have your sister! you need the help! I really don't know how you do it all!!! xoxox sarah jane

Mellissa - wondermommy

I'm glad that you have some help now. That shot is too funny!


I have always adored small streaking children! It's too funny! Your neighbor needs professional help.


That is hilarious!! You're my kinda girl. My 4 yo dd walks around in tops and barely anything else when she gets the chance.


That is hilarious!! How could your neighbor not die laughing?

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