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August 28, 2008



I would be honored to start the bidding at $25. I too have read about NieNie in the past few days and I would love to help their family.


You are doing a great thing. My bid is $35. Pamela


What an incredible situation this amazing family is facing. My heart and prayers are with them. I would like to place a bid for $40 for this cause.



I'm auctioning off some handknitted cupcakes of my own (peteyandlars.blogspot.com) and this one would be a perfect replacement!


whoops, Terri and I had the same idea. I'll go up to $45.


I'll go up to $50 - I'm a newbie to your blog and hearing about their plane accident. I admire your creative genorousity. :)


how about $55? the more I look at it, the prettier it gets.


Count me in for 60! (And you better believe I'd make you sign it ;-)


$65 here. Beautiful pin cushion. Now I'm off to read about Nie.

Susan Moffitt

I would love to bid $100. God bless that family and God bless you! I only have one child she is 4 and she is my world. I am praying for their children as well. Sandi, you are incredible. Can't wait for your line of patterns and thank you for what you are doing for this family. :)

Bev Jones

Sandi, you're awesome. Check out the post about you on my blog.

Lisa Landry

Please accept my bid of $110. Helping out this amazing family: PRICELESS! Thank you, Sandy.


This is just fabulous! Thank you for sharing your love!

Summer Allen

Luv it Sandi! I cant wait for the day Stephanie will get to see who blogged in her behalf!


This has gone past my pocket book's allowance but THANK YOU for helping the Nielsons! The human connection we feel that drives us to help one another is truly an amazing thing!!!
I am holding 5 auctions please come by and check them out if you have a moment :o)


I would like to bid $150
Hope this helps


Lisa Landry

In an effort to raise as much money as possible for this amazing family, I bump the bid to $175.



I have cried many times reading about this family, which I never knew about until now. I can not even imagine the long road ahead for this family and so I pledge $185 to help out. Jodie


I'll bid $190.

Love the family & I love the cupcake.

- Kate


My bid is $195.

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