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August 05, 2008



Maybe this is only funny because it is still closer to 5 a.m. that any other hour...

Maybe the effect is only apparent in bloglines, but the way the comments and photos lined up, cracked me up.

Specifically, next to the yellow dress: "Every Woman needs one of these." I was like, yeah it is a cute dress, & maybe every girl needs one, but woman...

Then I scrolled down & saw the feminine hygene holder...


Ohh... that patchwork Farmers Market quilt is calling to me... absolutely gorgeous!!!


I love Abbychase! She's been one of my fave designers for a while now. I've never noticed her tampon hider before. What a great idea! I hate that dreaded walk from my desk to the bathroom carrying my purse, as if that isn't obvious. Why don't womens slacks/skirts come equipped with reasonably deep pockets? Hello, we've got stuff we need to hide!


I love the different fabric combos! Love them!


I absolutely need that tampon holder. Ingenious!

I just got the bubble dress pattern from Oliver and s and am on my way to pick up some of your lovely fabric. It will look so lovely on my chunky baby.

Pam : Sew Gracious

Helloooo Sandi!!!

Thank you SO much for featuring my BUDS bag! I'm glad you like it and I'm flattered that you blogged about it. :-) Ginger Blossom has been so wonderful, I can't wait to get my Farmers Market fabric!

Thanks again for sharing the love!


I completely agree with your assesment of Breaking Dawn, she did a really good job of not making you thing but what about . . .

Jeannine McCloskey

Thank you for noticing my baby dress. HeeHee. Your fabric deserves all the compliments. I ordered alot of it, and I was so delighted that the quality was just as beautiful as the print. I could not wait to mix and match everything, however once I saw this yellow print, I knew it had to stand by itself.


Great post. How rewarding it must be to see your fabrics through others' beautiful creations!


How exciting for you to see so many people loving your fabrics! Everything looks so beautiful and I love the simplicity of the little girls dresses (why go overboard when that pretty fabric speaks for itself). You should do this kind of post more often! :)


Wow. awesome Sandi. Thanks. Big Question:Is Farmer's Market in stores now??? I haven't seen it yet, and believe me I've been looking! Maybe I'm outoftheloop on this?
I found a quilting store in Pocatello that we were totally unaware of...


Love all the finds!!

And...the book....I finished mine on Monday...LOVED it. I actually still have a few questions...but I also felt like a lot of the issues I had were tied up nicely too! Such a good book.

heather hales DESIGNS

I love that quilted bag!! I keep hitting the local fabric store WAITING for your line to come in, I'm so excited by it!


Oh thanks so much Sandi for featuring the "Incognito Tampon Wallet". You will be seeing many more of these in the fabulous Farmers Market.
I'm so glad you took the weekend to get some much needed "you time" in. You deserve it. I know absolutely nothing about the book you have been reading, but I do know how rejuvinating it is to get some reading in. There's just something about it that we really need.
I may have to check into those books though.


The quilts and things are all beautiful, and I just love that you stayed up all night to finish the book! It's so satisfying when it all comes out just perfectly. I basically put my life (and family) on hold for 2 days when the last Harry Potter came out, and was glad I did. Sometimes you just need that.


I ordered Quiltville bags for my mother and mother-in-law last May (Mother's Day) and they are awesome! Such beautiful details, and so affordable. I loved my mother's so much, she 'loaned' it to me this summer, too.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow, what an honor to be on your blog! I was so excited to see my apron featured while doing my daily blog check this evening! I am so excited, feel like I won a door prize or something, all giddy inside!!!!! Thanks again Sandi and thank you so much for the GREAT fabric!!!!


Fantastic picks! You have such great taste!!!


Looks like lots of people have had fun with your fabrics.


I am assuming you read Breaking Dawn. I get mine tomorrow - Amazon. Did you like it? It got bad reviews on Amazon....

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