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August 22, 2008



Am I the only one that is still on the computer on Friday night, well, besides you? I'll have to come see that new couch - fun! I was just thinking that I smelled fall in the air today and that maybe, just maybe, I was ready for it. Hopefully we actually have a fall this year instead of just going straight to winter.


so sweet. :-) Listen - send some of that fall my way. I'm not lucky enough to enjoy that until the end of Oct - sometimes even into Nov. It's something I miss terribly from my childhood days in WY.


Sigh...I'm glad you had a lovely day, I love those days too. I've been surprised at how much more smoothly my days have gone since school started (3 days ago).


It sounds like a lovely, calm day for the first day of school. I'm glad it was pleasant...sort of eases the blow of sending them off again. Enjoy your weekend.


Oh how I wish that I could turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. I too love that entire part of 'You've got mail' I really would love a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. So glad that the first day was a chipper one. Can't wait to see more fabric/pattern pics. So happy that you are feeling peaceful.

Brenda Mercado

You just take the best pictures! I'm in awe of your talent. Doesn't hurt to have such a princess for a subject either. =)
She reminds me of my niece, who is now 20! I used to love braiding her hair....they grow up so fast. Enjoy your treasure, she'll be off to college before you know it!

Kim McBirnie

Eliza looks so grown up, you must be so proud of her! We've got another week and a half before school goes back over here, and my kids are really ready for it. I am with you on autumn, it is my favorite season bar non - the air, light and colours have all started to take on an autumnal tinge over here. Sad person that I am, it makes me feel excited about pumpkins!


Eliza is so beautiful!

Your day does sound so lovely and relaxed. I love those days. And your meal sounds so "fall". I wish it were cool enough here for soup! Maybe in a few weeks. I have noticed some trees changing color already!

daisy janie / scoutie girl

Simple, daily pleasures are what life's all about. Being able to appreciate them takes some doing sometimes, even though your amidst them all the time. Good for you.

Side note: my volume is turned up, and as I heard the music coming from your blog - I started whipping open the curtains to see what teenage neighbor was playing such pretty music at 7:25 on a Sat morning! Ha!!

Kira =]

I <3 Fall, too! I can't wait until it's cool enough down here. And I might just pull out my candles now. Or go check out the ones you mentioned. Well, maybe on Monday or Tuesday after "Fay" leaves. It's so murky here, so thank you for the bright happy post. I enjoyed it so much! =]


I have felt that "fall feeling" for a couple of days now...school starts on Sept. 2nd for us here in Oregon...and this year I send my baby girl off...leaving only one more still in the nest. Bittersweet, is it not? I hope you enjoy the dinasaur exhibit, imax etc...we saw two this summer and they were fantastic...Have a lovely weekend. God Bless!


I so get this. Happy fall, right? It's the small moments that make peace.


That sounds like a perfect day, all right! Your daughter is adorable. Wonderful photos, too. I, too, love fall. My hubby's birthday is the first day of fall, so we have a double celebration that day. My baby went back to college yesterday, about three hours away, but I was able to see him and talk to him via Webcam this morning. I am not tech savvy, but this little device is amazing. BTW, your descriptions of those candles makes me want to take a big whiff. I'll have to shop for some.

Amber Joy

Sounds heavnely :) I'm in Geaorgia and we have yet to experience that wonderful cooler weather. I can't wait for the kind of day that your experiencing. Your day sounds delightful. I can't wait to see your new cushions...


Oooooh I can't wait to see your pillows! I just got my first order of Farmers Market. It is so beautiful! My first project is some throw pillows for my front room chairs in all the pumpkiny orangey fabrics... like henna garden. I am all crazy for the pumpkin colors of fall (spiced up with a little of the bright green). So now I am looking forward to seeing what you've done.
Thanks for creating such beautiful fabric that is accessible and affordable for everyone.

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Love those days when everything just falls into place! First day of school get me all emotional - every. year. Not sure when/if that will get easier :)


Sounds wonderful! My youngest turned 23 this year and I'm still trying to adjust to the empty nest, those "nothing extraordinary" days were the best.
It was about 90 here in Michigan today, but I have felt a bit of fall in some of the chilly evenings and we just saw the first of the trees changing color this week.


We had some lovely cooler days accompanied by thunderstorms...sigh, the heat returned all too quickly once the storms passed. Oh, and by the way, I am seriously craving chocolate chip cookies now. Thanks. I am so glad you had a great time off! Can't wait to see pictures of the couch!


Shelley Detton

Oh, how I long for a cool breeze and weather that makes one in the mood for cheese soup, autumn spice candles and cookies in the middle of the day!! I'm so looking forward to being able to experience the changes of seasons, with crunchy autumn leaves, frosty mornings and frozen mud puddles, the first spring flowers to push through the soil, and the brilliant blue skies of summer. Just a few more months living here in tropical land and I'll be able to see snow for the first time in 5 years. This sounds funny, but I simply can't wait to wear a sweater again! :-)
So glad you had such a blissful day. I can totally relate, as my Eliza has been back at school now for a few weeks and I've had some priceless moments with Hyrum.
Happy autumn to you!


Eliza is precious. We are preparing our hearts today as we send our oldest off to Kindergarten tomorrow. Bella will be dressed in gorgeous pink apple dots on her first day....thank you for your remarkable talent!!!

I have got to learn how to French braid like you. My hubby has to do it for me. Mine doesn't have a pattern, and Bella says that French braids are a "PATTERN, MOM!"....
Oh, to be 6.

Happy Fall. We are in South Texas, we won't see any signs of it until late October (cross our fingers).

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