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August 05, 2008


kristine hanson

I enjoy the music starting right up...it is no big deal for someone to turn it off, but I myself enjoy your music selection, your fabrics, your blog, your patterns...etc..etc!


I love you patterns, but I am so confused. When are they avaliable. My fav so far is Claire!


I always open like 25 pages at a time reading different blogs and when the music starts up automatically it 1) scares the crap out of me 2) sends me on a mad scramble to try to find the music 3) there always seems to be more then one and then I have to deal with non-meshing music until I find the web source.

So to sum it up I would love for myself to have the option to turn it on and not that it starts up automatically.


I love that skirt...especially the twirly photo. I like the music too.


I am such a big fan Sandi. I can't wait to see what you have for us down the road. I wish the music wouldn't start automatically. In my house, it interrupts and upsets either the baby, or the hubby. Not a good thing.

Maricopa Fabrics

I have my sound turned down, so I can't comment on the music at this point. I can say that I'm also anxious for the patterns since I ordered at Market! Seems delays in the sewing world are common, since most of the fabric manufacturers are delayed all the time, too.


I LOVE the twirly patchwork looking skirts. I'm sitting here wondering if they would look completely ridiculous on a grown woman like myself, or if I could get away with making some for me since I don't have any daughters to sew for...hmmm! Thank you for the beautiful fabrics and the inspiration.
As for the music, I don't mind it starting up on its own, although it sometimes startles me. I can turn it down pretty quickly if the boys are napping or something. But I do love your taste in music!


OMG This is my FAVE thus far!! I am not that great with patchwork although I do love it so I'll be buying this pattern!


About the music, I like that it starts automatically. I love how your playlist is mostly songs I've never heard, yet absolutely love. My fave thus far is that pride and prejudice song. I have never been one for instrument only songs, but that was absolutely beautiful! This is going to sound silly, but sometimes I come to your blog and just leave it up for the music while I hop around the web! I've never had problems with the sound quality, but honestly the natasha B pocket full of sunshine song that's playing right now sounds like it's been slowed down a lot and that a man is singing some parts lol. I just skipped the song and it's playing fine.


For me, the music is great! I love the variety. I just turn it off if I need it to be quiet. But I'm one of those people that loves to have music playing all the time.

Katie D

Love the music, if you want it there then leave it there. It is afterall, your blog.

You are such a gem and your patterns are adorable! You are so right about twirl requirements, I think all girls clothing should be labeled with how much twirl it gives!

Love ya work
xox Katie


I've never had any trouble with your songs playing. However, I am often listening to songs or podcasts of my own while browsing the internet and end up turning it off, so it might be nicer to not have it on automatically. p.s. Thanks for a fun movie last night!


I love all of your patterns! I just with I had girls! Anyway, I like your music and that it starts up right away.


We all know you are a rock star! Can't wait to get my hands on those patterns but I think it's great you are waiting until you know for sure when they'll ship! They are all amazing!


First your patterns are just lovely. And thankfully I have a 6mo. old granddaughter and a new sewing machine on the way. :)
I would prefer the tunes to not start by themselves. I don't mind the music, but we use satellite internet and have limited bandwidth avail. to us. When we go over our alloted amount we get totally shut down for 24hours. You prob have an idea of what that does to a household of computer junkies. lol. When music and video start on their own, sometimes I don't even realize it (vol down) and it takes bandwidth away from our allotment. It sucks I know but... we have no other options.
kthxbai ^..^


I am not a big fan of the music starting by itself.
I really love your patterns and can't wait to make the purse.


I love checking out what others listen too, HOWEVER, I do wish it wouldn't start by itself.


Trying to figure out two things...

First... how many young girls do I know that I can start sewing clothes for just as an excuse to make some of these adorable patterns?

And secondly... what exactly would it take to enlarge that patchwork skirt to the point where it might fit me?!!

Love them!

ann stiteler

Love the music ! Always a surprise when it starts up !

jackie brown

Oh my god, oh my god! I can't wait to get my hands on these patterns and begin making things. Hurry hurry.....I'm becoming de-leer- ree- us! .....

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