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August 08, 2008



I'm so sorry. My bouquet from your wedding met a similar fate after year 4. I wish I had thought to reincarnate it. I think being frustrated with the whole encounter clogged my creative juices.


I don't know anything about typepad, but I do know a MAC. So all you need to do to spell check anything you type on a mac you use the short cut - command shift colon - all at the same time. If that doesn't work check your system preferences to make sure the option is on. Hope that helps.


You must have the patience of a saint! LOL. Its so hard when destruction comes in such a cute package- I have two German Shepherds myself, one is only a year old and I can't count the number of things I've forgiven her for destroying!

I'm glad you could find a bright side and are making a crafty project out of the debris! :)


Welcome to the world of MAC! I love ours too. I'm afraid I can't be of much help with typepad, but I'm sure others will be able to help.

Sorry to hear about your bouquet, though I'm sure you'll be able to create something beautiful with it.


No words to say, just so sorry.
Oh, oh... Pour kid...

Mac user here as well and in love with it!


I had non-real flowers for my wedding too. I think that they were nice and I couldn't justify spending so much money on flowers when they die right away anyway.

Your pictures always look nice to me and so does your blog background, so maybe the monitor on the new computer isn't calibrated. Your blog looks the same on both my laptop and my desktop (though neither are MACs)

Congrats on the MAC though. One day I might have one!


PC user here, but only to keep my life simple. Same format at both work and home.

Kira =]

Sorry about your wedding bouquet. No suggestions besides turning them into hair accessories for your little girl. But I'd love to see what you come up with. Mine were fake as well and are hiding behind locked glass. =]

I <3 my MAC! Your page looks the same on my PC & my MAC. as for spellchecking, you can use a different browser. I use Camino (Mozilla power, MAC style) on MAC and it spellchecks for me just like Firefox does on my PC. I had a hard time adjusting to the MAC as well. Then I realized I was trying to overthink everything like required with a PC. Everything is so userfriendly with the MAC. If I think simply about it, I can find it and get it to work. HTH! =]


LOL it is so true that being pregnant and being a mother eats brain cells. I miss them...


Welcome to the Mac world! It's like a cult, but we're all so happy with our Macs, we don't care. :)


I, too, think your blog looks beautiful on a PC, so don't stress about that!

As for your bouquet - I would make a wreath from the remnants and hang it on the door during the month you got married! Or over your bed, or somewhere special. I'm sure you'll come up with a clever idea for it though :)


Welcome to the mac world! Any ideas when you'll have the rest of your patterns so your website can go live?? I keep getting all excited when you have a new post on the blog, hoping it's the one that says that I can now go buy your patterns...


Typepad is different on a Mac. It takes some getting used to!
My local fabric shop just got Farmer's Market in stock, I picked up a few yards - it's beautiful!


Was that leeetle hint, Sandi......are you "expecting"........did I hear you mention "prenatal vitamins"??? ;)
Happy for you to have a brand spankin new computer to have fun with! I need one, too....have fun,

Mellissa - wondermommy

I'm so sorry about your bouquet. I've had similar things happen to my treasured items. My son is four and he only gets more destructive :)


I have a Mac and love it. It's old and I've been contemplating whether to replace it with a PC, but maybe now I should get a new Mac.
My mother-in-law put my real wedding flowers in in a book to press them - while they were still wet! They were ruined (along with the book), but at least I had some photos to remember them by. Make something from your flowers.


Glad you're enjoying your Mac, Sandi. It'll get some getting used to if you've been a PC gal all your life, but what is it they say? "Once you go Mac, you never go back" LOL!! Don't know about Typepad but try the spell check tip from the comment above. :) Hey, if it helps any... I always thought your photos -- and blog -- looked beautiful! And I've always been on a Mac! :) Call me if you have any questions.


Oh, I'm sorry about your bouquet! I have to remind myself that I love my children more than any 'thing,' but it's so hard when that thing is your wedding bouquet, or in my case, your grandma's piano. Sigh.

Hmmm...I have some old silk flower bouquets that fell apart lying on their sides kind of jumbled and spilling over the top of a hutch in my house (up high=I'd never remember to water them so fake is best) and it looks kind of cottagey, 'I don't care about perfection'-ish. Or you could tuck the blossoms into a new (fake) topiary and put it out somewhere that you'll see it often and it will bring you a smile.

Good luck and make sure to share!

PS. We got our Mac at Christmas and love it...on my TypePad blog it automatically underlines in red the misspelled words. I'm just using the default Mac safari browser.


Welcome to the light side of the force. I switched years ago and will never go back. The trick to adjusting is that the mac is easy, you will think "this should be more complicated" but it isn't. Now the question is... do you have a wacom tablet? If not, get one, you will never use your mouse again!!!! I use typepad and the spell check is the last button on the right. Maybe you are in the other display option. There is a link on the right under trackbacks. Sorry if that doesn't help. Now, I am going to tell you the best secret ever about your mac. It's called the screen shot. Hit the apple,shift,4 buttons at the same time. A little crosshairs curser comes up. drag that across any image that is on you desktop and it takes a picture of it. So any image that is online that you want to use for reference or whatever, you can take a picture of it. The best part is that it is a 72dpi.png file, so you can upload it into your typepad blog! So, there is no need to save images as low res jpgs. just take a screen shot of it. The image automatically appears on your desktop. Sorry this is so long. If you have any questions, email me.
Have fun!!!


Wait, prenatal vitamins? Did I miss something? Maybe I need to read more closely or maybe its because four kids have depleted my brain cells, but are you expecting?

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