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September 24, 2008



Congratulations! How exciting for you. I love your patterns fabrics. I know there are many of us who are so excited to have a spot to see and buy everything!


Oh, I know the feeling of launching a business online. My site is still not ready after 6 months... The technical part is overwhelming, especially when you do it on your own (thanks hubby for the precious help). I hope it'll be ready soon!

Sarah Galbraith

i have tried to order a pattern and it will not let me through. I tried several times....I also tried to get a wholesale account started and it wouldn't go through either. Let me know when it gets going again!! Thanks!! I am so excited and want to order BAD!!! :)


Your website looks great! When I click on the market bag pattern link it says "coming soon"...so I will anxiously keep checking back for them!!

Michael Ann

Congrats! I know you must be so excited. I too tried to order a pattern and it would not go through and then it did, but I'm not sure. I sent you a contact message through the link on your website. Good luck! And way to go!

Lisa Landry

I am happy to share that my order went through successfully. I cannot wait for my calorie-free cupcakes pattern to arrive. What fun it will be creating these delicious treats. Many thanks from Michigan...

Chocolate on my Cranium

The site looks so cheerful! Everything worked great for me. Very easy to navigate. The only trouble I had was when enlarging the patterns or photos the ones on the top row get cut off behind the Sandi Henderson and navigation bar only to peek through at the top of them again.


Woohoo! I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to purchase these patterns!! I had no problem navigating your site at all & I just placed my order. Can't wait to receive them!!


Congratulations! How exciting for you and for us to have an easy way to get your patterns. I'll go check it out now.


Just checked it out and it's beautiful! I love the way the pictures expand instead of being a pop-up...well worth the extra effort. I never could get the photo of the market bag to expand, though, while the description side of it popped up just fine. And yes, the menu on the top left was doubled over with a second set of words until I refreshed three times (and I'm on a Mac, too.) Very nice.


I just checked back and was able to order the market bags pattern. YAY, can't wait for it to arrive!


Your patterns are beautiful! I think the site worked for me. I got two patterns ordered (I think) and printed out the receipt, but it wouldn't let me go back and "Continue Shopping". Hope my order went through properly. Can't wait to make these patterns! Thanks. Jan


Maybe there is a term I have yet to learn but on your page with the ginger blossom fabric its listed as laminated cottom and quilting cottom vs. cotton. But all the colors sure are beautiful.

Heather B

Just placed an order! All seemed fine - thank you for your creativity!

heather hales DESIGNS

wonderful website- total eye candy!!! What fun to dig through! I didn't see anything amiss, I'm on a PC and I'm viewing with FF.


Beautiful! Congratulations!!
I just tried to sign up for a wholesale account and it kept telling me that I didn't enter my business name or email. :(

Brandi Ginn

I noticed on the ginger blossom page that "cotton" is spelled wrong. The site has it spelled cottom in at least two places. ;)


Yeah!!! This is so exciting, I've been checking every day. I love how you can click on the pics to make them bigger. Now to be greedy, I can't wait for the messenger bag!

Lori Porten

Sandi, I have been stalking your blog to see when you were going live with the website so I could get some of those patterns! I am so excited! I just ordered ruffle pants, Claire, Gracie, and Cupcake and it seemed like it all went through ok, but then when I clicked out of paypal it gave me a screen that said 'order could not be processed'. ? I know you said you want to know of any kinks, and I am really hoping the order went through- it's my birthday present! Thanks! ~Lori Porten

Sherri Youngblood

Hi Sandi! I too have been waiting so very IMpatiently for your website to go live so I can order the patterns. I just ordered and it went through your site and Paypal just fine, but instead of sending me back to your site from Paypal, it said Order cannot be processed. I checked my Paypal and it went through there, and I've already received the receipt for it.

Your site is beautiful, and I can't wait to order a few more of your gorgeous patterns!

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