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September 15, 2008


nadine woodraska

The jam looks so yummy! It sounds like you have been busy, I can't wait for the patterns how do I order them for my shop?
Your awesome
the material girls quilts


Ahhh.... My hubby is obsessed with 24. Enjoy!

 Ruth- Sew Love Fabrics

Yum, the jam!!! And your sweet little guy with his big boy shirt on, melts my heart :)


heyyyyy sandiiii....
glad to hear from ya.....you long lost friend, you! sorry i've been so bad at keeping in touch. been the busiest summer ever, since we moved houses, etc.....it's been a blast here in our new place. :)
i just came home from the fabric store with an arm fullllll of fresh "farmer's market" fabrics. yay....gonna get sewin some cute fall jumpers and some quilts for the kiddos.
take care,

heather hales DESIGNS

oh that yummy looking jam!!! Let me know if you feel like sharing... Or maybe I should send you a loaf of sourdough- nothing better with raspberry jam!


Sounds like a very busy week. I love the pillows and the jam and i actually think the cake looks tasty (that might be because I am craving chocolate, have I bought any Halloween candy yet?)

Can I guess? Is it a home decor line?


My guess is a scrapbooking line. But whatever it is I am excited to hear about it.


Hey Sandi, I've missed you. I am getting a good laugh at your cakes because I have some wonderful pictures myself of some birthday cake failures. My daughter still talks about the time I botched the princess castle cake and nearly died laughing because it was so so bad!

And I'm guessing scrapbook paper or some sort of paper craft for your secret fun? Or perhaps a book is in the works?

Glad your back.

Kim McBirnie

Sandi, as always your blog is fab - I've missed being able to pop in and see what's what! Glad to see that you make birthday cakes just like me - they still taste good though, don't they?
Kim xx


What lovely photos! My husband and I are also working our way through 24. We saw series two on TV but that's where it stopped on UK terrestrial. It is a case of... just one more episode before bed... We watched the whole of series four whilst on holiday in Scotland (only 5 days)! It's incredibly addtictive!


copy thAT ;)


I must've been right behind ya on the cake dec. and haircuts line. I stink at both of those! LOL!!!

jackie brown

Thanks for the e-mail and info....I thought I was out of the loop on the patterns. I can't wait....Sounds like you need an extra set of hands..Hope everything is calmer now!


I can understand the whole "skipped the cake part of my brain" thing. Since you are gifted in the whole crafty thing, though, maybe you should use a cake-decorating medium that would be more like what you work with everyday....have you ever tried to work with marzipan? You can roll it out, cut designs into it and it's never goopy. Just a thought.

Also, the bag is great. I need one of those. Seriously.

thanks for sharing!


Jam, new pillows, cake, and 24?! These are a few of my favorite things! Sounds like you've got a lot going on right now. Enjoy.


What fun, and what a good BYU Game. We are all happy about that one.


I finally cut into my stack of your Farmers' market fabric and turned some of it into a quilt top which I love. Now I have to figure out how to quilt it to do it justice!


That jam looks so tasty! I think I know where all the bees went to - my yard! Maybe people just don't plant enough flowers because boy do we have bees. They are so full of pollen they can hardly fly. ;)

Sorry to hear about your basement flooding. :( We have water issues in our basement, so I have to be on constant guard - especially since my sewing machines and all my fabric is down there!



Welcome back! The pillows look gorgeous and...did I notice a new fabric? Or was that just me?

Congratulations on your little guy's big day. Three...I miss three. My DD is 5 & 1/2 going on 15 and time has just been too quick.

The jam looks so delicious that it's inspiring me to make some of my own. I think a fruit pickung trip is in order very soon. And the cake? Personally, I think it looks yummy! I'll bet your family loved it.


I noticed that you had popcorn and POP! Yay! Where did you grow up because not many of us call it pop. I am from western New York and I get teased about it all the time!

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