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October 07, 2008



I would have to admit, I visit here often and your pictures are one of the things I enjoy about your site. Here's to hoping all the wrinkles get ironed out.:)


What a timely post! Just this weekend I bought a new laptop and I'm having to purchase CS3 to operate under Vista. Amazon was the cheapest I had found until this site. Thanks for the info!


return your new copy of cs3 extended. what you need to do is call adobe and tell them that you switched computers from a pc to a mac and you need the mac version. you will not have to pay for a new copy just shipping. that's what i did and they gave me a brand new cs3 extended for just the shipping cost as long as your old software was registered with adobe. let me know if you have any questions. adobe has a form that you have to sign and fax them and that is all you need to do.


AND....don't forget that if your child is in school...they (you) qualify for a student discount and the versions are $199, versus $600. I also just bought Illustrator cs3, and then cs4 came out and Adobe sent me the upgrade for free. They are good.


Sorry about all the computer bummer issues! I hope it gets resolved soon so you can feel settled again! Can't wait to see any sneek peaks you can share!

happy zombie

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a diehard PS user. I have friends try to convince me to use Illustrator and/or InDesign. Not that I haven't tried, but I'm just so stuck on Photoshop that it's hard to quit. For some reason I just don't "get" how to use Ill. and ID. I'm guessing it's because I've been using PS for over 10 years, and I'm an old dog who can't learn new tricks. I'd LOVE to take a class for Ill. or ID, but out here in Podunk... there's nuttin offered. That site you linked has fantastic prices! Thanks for sharing that!

Have fun at Market... I'm not able to attend, so I'll miss seeing you. xo-m


Hey "happy zombie"...FYI, I'm taking an Illustrator class at my local community college and it's online, so you could take it from this school, no matter where you live. BUT...turns out, I'm paying $450 to simply start on page 1 and go through every assignment in the book of "Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book." (or Box, I'm not sure). You can buy it online too. It's VERY step by step and you just follow along and keep going. You can do it if you really want to. :)


Computer/camera issues drive me batty!

Good luck getting it sorted out.


i got my pattern today and i am just itching for the fabric store to open so i can get started on it. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Ellen Crimi-Trent

welcome to the world of Mac, I have only had mac and never a PC and I naturally think its the best! I recently upgraded to a 20"imac with lots of memory and I am designing on it soo much I have not picked up a brush in about 2 months!! I have to pick up the brush today or I am afraid I will loose my touch!

You will love the new illustrator and Photoshop programs they work soo much better than before.



I work on a Mac and love it! I live in Canada and Mac offers a service called One to One. For $99/year you get one one hour session/week with a Mac pro. It is easy to book times and you learn so much. Good luck.

Kelly Fletcher

Hope you get your s/w issues sorted out soonest - most frustrating!


I check in frequently to see how you're doing. Hope to visit since we'll be next door neighbors in Houston. xoxo


Sandi - I'm so sorry this has nothing whatsoever to do with this post, but I've just read the article you did for Sew Hip magazine and felt compelled to write and say what a fantastic & inspiring interview you gave - as well as the fact that I am so excited about the sound of the boys collection as well as the Home Decor range that you mentioned...I can't wait to see what you come up with as I have so enjoyed using the Farmer's Market & Ginger Blossom lines.

I lurk for months and then comment on something completely unrelated - sorry!x


Love your fabrics and blog, but have to limit my time looking because the music feature drives me crazy. I am usually multi-tasking (watching TV at the same time) and the music is just too much for me. Hope all you girls who are doing this decide to stop!


I am having a hard time getting in 'wholesale' on your website - I got a confirmation e-mail, but then when I login it doesn't work. I've tried e-mailing for a password and I never receive one. ??

Please help. I'd like to order some patterns. Thank you, Sandi! :)


All your despair is listened..I have heard terrible things about Macs "difficulties", but to be fair they seem to have a superb Custumer service - buy the warranty that is all I can say.
Anyway..this is just one reason I join the choir for now...I am a PC..hehe. Very antiquate..but works like a horse.


I am looking at new laptops and am on the fence as to if I should make the change to Mac. Was it hard to learn the new OS? Do you think that there are really more benefits...it sounds like most people use programs that can be used on a PC on their mac. So, a smaller screen, less memory and less drive and a higher price seem a bit hard to swallow....I just cannot decide!!
Oh and by the way-- Who doesn't love a little "Cornflake Girl" on a monday morning. I like the music!

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