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November 30, 2008


kristine hanson

oooooooooooooh how fun!! my choices are...henna garden, vintage dot and dahlia...

Pam Gavin

Oooohhh! Love all the choices for mix and match in the blues and greens. The retro Red dot definitely, and the Henna Garden Red, and the Dahlia - Aqua. They're great.


I love the Henna Garden Red a lot. I could see myself buying this. I love the ribbon trim on them.

PS. Are you still going to try to produce the vinyl henna garden medallions? I would buy a bunch of that!


How cute!
My favourites are Henna Garden Red, Vintage Dot Blush, and Medallion Bloom Pink


I vote for Henna Garden Red, Retro dot red and Medallion. These are really cute!


Ok....retro dot, vintage dot, medallion. TOTALLY. Anything polka dot. AND...I prefer the mix and match like the green and blues. yay!
Congrats. How exciting.


vintage dot blush. Love it, especially for it's versatility.


I vote for:
Henna Garden - Red
Vintage Dot - Blush
Retro Dot - Red
But all of them are really nice :)


Wow! Just beautiful. I adore Henna Garden Red, Vintage Dot Blush and Dahlia. It's just a pity I won't be able to buy them here in France!!! Fellicitations! Ils sont tres jolie!

Heather Spilsbury

how yummy! I pick: Henna Garden-Red, Retro Dot-Red and Medallion-Bloom Pink


The boxes are liners look fantastic! My top 3 are Henna Garden - Red, Dahlia - Aqua and Medallion - Bloom Pink.
Janelle xx
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katie d

I would pick retro dot, vintage dot and Henna garden but it was reallly hard to chose!


Definitely vintage Dot - Blush, Dahlia - Aqua, Medallion - Bloom Pink. I am certain. I'm not good at gushing but I would if I could on this occasion.


so sweet. all of them. especially: Henna Garden- Red, Dahlia -Aqua, Medallion -Bloom Pink


I would be buying up big on Henna Garden, Vintage Dot and Dahlia.. I wish they were available here now I am just finishing a quilt for my daughter for Xmas using your pink fabrics and they combine so beautifully, these would be a perfect match for storage.


They're beautiful! Congratulations!
My top 3 in order:
Dahlia - Aqua
Henna Garden - Red
Retro Dot - Red


Oh these are gorgeous Sandi! I love where you mixed and matched the tops of the boxes.
My top three picks are:
Henna Garden - Red
Retro Dot- Red
Dahlia - Aqua


These are absolutely gorgeous
Andi :-)


Oooh! So pretty. You didn't make it very easy to choose. Congrats!

Dahlia Aqua
Henna Garden Red
Medallion Bloom Pink

Cass Ward

They are gorgeous. My favourites are:
Henna Garden Red
Retro Dot Red
Dahlia Aqua

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