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December 10, 2008


Amy @ parkcitygirl

Sweet bird pattern! Thanks for sharing - those trees are amazing! My kids would be in awe :)


Love your Christmas ornament. Such great colors! I have trouble downloading it. When I click on the pattern, I have to give a password and loginname. Also if I go to the side bar.


Beautiful decorations. Happy holidays!!
Andi :-)


I was able to print the pattern just now. Thank you. Looks like lots of fun to make (O:

Christy of MommaOnTheMounain

Thanks so very much for the pattern. I have been flailing about looking for the "just right" pattern/idea for the ornament exchange I am going to next week. Now I have something lovely, original, and fun!


Wow, I love your new bird ornament. Thank you SO much for sharing the pattern for free! My sister and I love making ornaments so I'm anxious to share this with her.
Love that festival of trees, which reminded me to tour the one here in Madison. I like the peppermint tree best too.

Cassandra M.

I think it's awesome that Eliza loved the one tree that states "well behaved women rarely make history."

Sunni Standing

Thank you for the free pattern! You do the most creative things! I really really enjoy reading and looking at your blog!


What beautiful designs! Christmas must be so colorful at your house!



Your pattern is lovely - thanks so much for sharing!

The Festival of Trees looked like a blast. I love the Twilight Tree - perfect for the vamp fans. :)


Pretty! Thanks for sharing it with us.


such a great idea! LOVE the ornament. my family has a tree full of ornaments we have all made over the years and its so much more fun! its an adventure every year when we pull them all out! our festival of trees also had a twilight tree, it must be quite popular! i have to ask, how do you do the cute flower? crochet or knit? is it in one of your patterns?


Oh, I love the 'Well behaved women never make history' tree. Hee hee.

Ellen Crimi-Trent

It must be the season for birds, I also made some bird ornaments and posted a download on my blog as well. I like how yours have feathers that stick out, very cute!!

Tiff@Three Peas

I love the bird ornaments. I can't wait to make these. GOing to get some felt this weekend!


This is my first time here and I'm so glad I found your gorgeous blog! I love the ornaments, especially the little crochet flowers on the birds. What a great embellishment!



i cant get it to down load either :(


STUNNING! I'll be linking to this.


Wow those trees are amazing!!! I'm going to try out the pattern. My felt stash is growing thanks to my new obsession with felt food, so I've got plenty to play with.

Elizabeth Kartcher

My little girls face lite up as soon as the Josh Groban song started playing from Polar Express! :) She's still waiting for the movie on the screen. :)

love this song & I love those birds!!!!

merry christmas

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