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December 02, 2008



Oh how woderful, I never seem to be that lucky at thrift stores, of course I do not have the artisic flair you do!!!

heather hales

that is a sweet little horse! I love thrifty re-do's! I agree, 3 months sans thrifting is almost an eternity!


I must hit the wrong thrift stores. :( Great finds!


What lovely finds!!!


What great finds and hidden treasures! I think you'd make a good pirate;)


AACK!!! I had that doll chest. I used it for my barbie collection of girls and clothes for years!
it made travel to and fom my friends house easier.+
the kitty was on the front holding the ugliest blue daisy like flowers if I recall.
if you were in maryland, I'd have to wonder if it was mine.


That toychest looks almost like your design.
I love to shop at Thrift Stores flea markets too. I am envyous of your great find and those doll clothes are adorbale. I will die if I find those.


Wow, you would not believe it but I have the same doll's chest in pink with the original doll still inside and all the clothes and accessories that came with her. She was Mattel's "That-away-baby". I got her as a little girl in the early mid 70's and fell in love with her. The chest is beautiful with the fabric you have put on it. I just love the colour. What a great idea. D. :=)


What fabulous finds. I love thrift shopping


My daughter has a case almost identical to that one! Same color too. I believe I got it at a thrift store and I don't go often at all. Clever of you to cover it with fabric. :D

Dena Rooney (sugarshop)

For 5 bucks you HAD to get the horsie! Even if it ended up just a an adorable decoration it would be worth it. I think I had the same chest but mine was white and I think it had a pink rose on the front and back...if I'm remembering right. It must have been popular for us girls that were kiddos in the 70's :)


Great find in the rocking horse. That story reminds me of my own children - they always want what their siblings have. BTW when can we get these new lovely items - my dd's room need some serious organizing and I might just have to get some red henna garden boxes.

Peddlecar Quilts

Oh, love that metal box with fabric on it. How did you glue the fabric on? Looks way too cute, what a great gift!!


I groaned in raptured agreement on your thrift finds. Fabulousness.

Yay! I was really pulling for that Henna print. That was my absolute favorite. I'm so happy it made it. :)


I made Gina a similar doll chest for her birthday. I painted hers though. She loves it! It cost a quarter at a yard sale. I blogged about it a while back. You gotta love the thrifted finds :)

EverGreen Farm

I have that exact box in my basement right now collecting dust. I just can't throw it out, knowing someday I'll find the perfect use for it. Curious how you covered it with fabric? Modge Podge?

Lynn Palmertree

I just saw your doll trunk you found at a thrift store. When I was a little girl, my aunt gave me a doll trunk, blue in color. I am 62 and I still have the trunk. Well, only one half of it. I can't imagine where the lid went to. But I love that trunk, and I would never get rid of it, even if it is only half there.

fertileaid views

oh so cute! it's not just cute it's super cute! and that kid is so adorable. lovely to look at. i just love it!

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hey, i love your post. just that, something is a bit bother me. i don't know if this is everyone, but just for me...my eyes are a bit bothered with your background. seems like it's very bright?

hey, i'm growing old so don't bother me. just wondering.

thank you.

Fertility Blend Reviews

Ah, vintage will never lose it's look. I love the look of these pics.

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