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October 20, 2009


Tami B.

Hmm, I think Amy Butler's hubby is in a band...but I'm not sure that it's a ROCK band :)


yay, ive been missin you! those shoes!! i have to get me some!


$239.00 BUCKS!!!! maybe i wont be gettin any, sheesh!!!


Love the new Meadow Sweet fabrics!!! So beautiful, Sandi! I don't suppose it would be Jenean Morrison's hubby, would it??

Sandi Henderson

Yep, they're pricey. It's good to treat yourself to nice things every now and then though, especially if you find them for over half off!


Oh Girl! You had me at "Shoe"!
I am a total shoe-ie. I was wondering where all of your beauties came from....they are on my list of things to buy for next market!!

 sheri howard

Your booth was so very very cheerful and full of your amazing things...I am not surprised you won the merchandising award...way to go and I LOVE those shoes....people, get a clue, we spend an amazing amount of money on fabric...I am going to buy the shoes and never look back! ~~Fun to see your mom!!


Those shoes are so amazing - and I am all about comfort...
I loved your booth (from what I saw of everyone's pictures of it) - the new collection looks amazing. At first I thought those chairs were covered in a new cheater print fabric - that would be fun!


Love the fabrics...tried to get as good a look as I could at the patterns...LOVE the shoes...and it was fun to see the bear that has been twittered about! Can't wait for the pattern reveals!


oh my! i love the chairs. I'll take one of those, and a pair of shoes, but not a bear.

Glad market went so well and congrats on the award. I bet you were very pleased!


I wish Michael Miller would hurry up and send out your new fabric. We are all drooling at the sight of it in action. I thought the chairs were a "cheater" cloth,too. GREAT IDEA- I loved them!!


I gushed about your shoes on Jona's blog too!! LOL! I love your shoes, seriously I am the queen of funky shoes and will wear anything. Shoes just make an outfit. LOVE THOSE and checking out the site ;)

I guess that Heather Bailey's hubby is in a band? maybe..hahahahha

Love the new fabric, can't wait!! and the patterns too. Your patterns are by far the easiest and funnest(word?!) LOL!

chelsea a

was it paula prass' husband, Tim?


Those shoes are amazing. I totally want some! And your fabric is pretty sweet, too. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!


I love your taste in shoes!! When you posted the pink and red shoes in your Flat Betty post I had to run out and buy them. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for these. And I'm so excited to get Meadowsweet!

Bev Jones

Tell me what pattern shipping would entail... I might be interested. I'm checking to see if endless.com has those shoes. They always have great deals on shoes.

Kirsten Goff

The chairs are amazing!! LOVE THEM--and can hardly wait for Meadowsweet to arrive!!


I love your booth - I saw so many pics from other blogs as well and even heard about your fabulous shoes - funny eh? I love the new line and can't wait to get my hands on some. Love it!


I love all the beautiful colors in your booth. Delicious! We get bears roaming into neighborhoods all the time and the only time they are agressive is when it's a momma bear and her cubs are nearby. Great pictures.

Elana E

I don't see a picture of a for the dress you wore with the orange butterflies. Is that coming?

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