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October 21, 2009



I just wanted to say Thank you for posting these. Such a neat way to see what goes on at Quilt Market.

Angela McKellar

Thank you for posting these videos! I love you and your work.
I better go make dinner...


Sandi, that was so much fun! I'm sitting here giggling. I finally got to show my girls all of the friends I'm always talking about. Thanks for such a great re-cap!


I love these video clips! Thank you for making them and sharing them with blogland. I feel like I've been to market now. It is wonderful to hear everyones voices and see what they look like. I'm not sure if I've seen any photos of Anna - she always has her beautiful children but she never shows herself so it was wonderful to see her.

Your booth is (was) gorgeous and it is no wonder you won an award! Congratulations!

Simone Howell

That was the best market coverage yet!! Thanks Sandi!! I wish I could have been there (although the upcoming vacay with the hubby will be well worth missing market for!) Your booth was absolutely gorgeous, difinitely award worthy! Congrats! So, I am just dying to get my hands on your fabrics! When will they be available?


Thank you so much for doing your recap! That was so much fun, it really was like being there. Blogs are great to kinda get to know people, but getting to "meet" them through you was fab!


Thanks for sharing these videos!! I love the sense of friendship you have with these ladies!


Greetings from the UK! Thankyou for showing your vidoes of Quilt Market. What inspiring and talented designers you have in America.


This was, by far, the coolest blog entry I have ever seen! And when combined with the one below, it was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to video. It was neat to see the people behind the designs we all love. And to also see you and your booth. (BTW... you do a fabulous job "showing yourself off"! I've done the nationally ranked craft shows for years and know that half the equation is what you make, and the other half is how you display it.) Seriously, thank you again for doing this entry!

Now....... how does one go about getting a fabric job like yours?

:-) Marilyn


great job. I wish I could have been there. Time to go shopping (on line:)
I can not wait for your new patterns!!!

Bethany Shattuck

LOVE the videos! Thanks so much! Did you staple the fabrics to the boxes from Target?... very cute, and versatile!

Rafael's mum

Thank you so much for all the videos! I loved the ones from last market, this time they are even better! SO glad you did it again. It feels a little like having been there!

Tiffany (warmnfuzzies)

Congratulations on your award! The chairs are fantastic and it was so nice to see my pillow covers at Market. I really liked playing with your new line of fabric and I am very excited to see it, when it becomes available.


Sandi, thank you, thank you for all your trouble in filming Quilt Market for us! So fun to watch these videos, & get to know the designers just a little. You are the 'hostess with the most-est'! You do a great job of interviewing everyone. So a huge thank you all the way from Australia from someone who will never get to Quilt Market, but because of you, gets to share a little of the joy! Best wishes, Ros.


Thank you so much for sharing... it felt like we were right there with you! Your booth looked amazing!


Love all the clips! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Kathy Beams

I felt like I was there !
You are very good at interviewing by the way!! Your booth was very beautiful too !!!


Thank you Sandi! Your booth was fantastic! I'll be back to this post a few more times to finish watching. Kiddos give me limited sit-down-during-the-day time. Maybe I'll make some popcorn and watch them all tonight after they're asleep...
Again, you rock.


Thank you so much for sharing those videos...almost felt like I was there!!


Oh, you girls are too sweet. I can't wait for January! That was the month, right? ;-)

Way to go on the booth- gorgeous! But what else would it be?

Also, it must be said- you are looking fantastic these days, girl!

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